Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 1/25-1/31

WW update: I am 20 lbs lighter people... 20 lbs! Crazy! I have lost 20 lbs in fourteen weeks, which is just super fast. I think my body was just ready to get healthy after these last few years of craziness with my thyroid! More on this another time, but I suppose posting about food made me think it was a good time to update you on the whole weight loss thing.

Last week was a great food week. I really enjoyed almost everything we cooked (didn't really like the Hidden Valley pasta on Tuesday). It felt like a comfort food week, only it was all pretty weight watchers friendly (grown-up grilled cheeses, ranch burgers, homemade pizza)! This week I am finishing off my freezer meals from my big cooking day in December so I am definitely going to need to restock soon. I have been alot less stressed around dinner time this month than usual, which I am sure mr.pate appreciates! Haha! Hopefully the one a month cooking will become a regular habit for me. On to the plan:
  • Monday: Chicken Fajita topped baked potatoes, corn and green beans
  • Tuesday: Chicken Noodle Soup in the Crock Pot
  • Wednesday: Dinner at Dustin's
  • Thursday: One Dish Chicken Bake
  • Friday: Reunion w/ Nat & Darks (we are totally cooking Pioneer Woman food!! so excited!)... Leftovers for Mr.Pate
  • Saturday: Lunch with my girls at Kyoto's, dessert here and fasting for dinner due to point overload??Haha! I am not sure what will play out on this day, but whatever.
  • Sunday: Soup and Grilled Cheeses
What are you having this week? Have any of you ever cooked a Pioneer Woman recipe??

Check out Org.Junkie for meal ideas, it will help you get out of that rut! Happy eating peps.


  1. several things...

    1. Congrats on 20 lbs!!! That is crazy great!!! On that note, i have lost 5 in last 3 weeks! Woohoo!

    2. One dish chicken bake is definitely on our menu plan this week along with skillet lasagna. I have also made baked rigatoni, the spinach past dish you had on there, ww cajan chicken wraps, ww hamburger casserole, ww butternut squash fries, and your dumplins several times. you have def helped the yancey menu lately!!

    3. i was totally jealous that you were going to kyotos "with the girls" def felt left out, until i remembered i going! hahahahahah

    i think that is all. can't wait to see you and catch up on Saturday!!!

  2. i absolutely love that you are using the receipes! i may need to come to your house to eat, so i dont have to exert any energy in cooking. and way to go on the weight loss. cant wait till sat!

  3. so so so proud of you for the weight loss! that is amazing!

    i really want the pioneer woman's cookbook--it looks wonderful!