Tuesday, January 5, 2010

one twelfth

one twelfth of the little things that make up a year. one twelfth of the things that make me happy. one twelfth of the silly, meaningless details that make up a day, which make up a week, which make up a month, which make up a year, which make up the years of my life.

these are a few of my favorite things from december... yes its january. but its my blog and i can be late if i want to.

  • New fitness center in Preston: We finally opened the expansion and it is incredible! Every cardio machine has its own tv and makes working out bearable!
  • Andrew Petterson "Behold the Lamb of God" cd: It literally uplifts my heart and focuses my mind on the big picture. God has a plan and has been working it out since the beginning of time.
  • cable & internet: Love love love having cable and internet at the house...
  • soy based candle from target (gingerbread cookies, hot coca and something else): It makes our office smell like cookies and Christmas, which makes me smile. One co-worker has gone home and eaten lots of cookies everyday because of it! Haha.
  • jesse tree: Love this tradition, love the focus, love the look of it.

What little things really made your day during December?


  1. the christmas decorations and music bring so much joy to my heart!! I was so sad to take them down

  2. we still havent taken ours down... haha