Monday, June 3, 2013

Showering Baby Cayslee

Sunday we had a church baby shower for my good friend Nikki. Nikki and I taught the K-2 Sunday School class for almost three years together, and I adore her. I was actually very very pregnant at Nikki and Roberts wedding two years ago! Ha! So I am thrilled to be celebrating the upcoming birth of their own little princess soon. 

Fun fact: Cayslee is actually "due" on July 18, Griffin's birthday! 

We had a great time as a church family showering Nikki and Robert with gifts of love and baby stuff. Glad our little church nursery is growing :-) Baby Ellie needs another girl to help her get our rough boys in line. Haha. 

(We had the coolest cake ever!$ 
(My two favorite things she got- little baby toms! And oversized polka dot sunglasses, love them!) 
We love her!!! 

Congrats Nikki and Robert!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good rainy morning!

Yesterday we had planned to take little Miss Lilli's 3 year Old pics. This was the third reschedule! The weather is just not on our side and once again it was pouring rain and we had to cancel. 

So instead, we decided to just get the fans together anyhow and have a yummy morning hangout. We had breakfast at JD's Bakery, and boy was it soooo yummy. Their service was pretty underwhelming and would not be describe as friendly, but the food more than made up for it. 
(Nutella stuffed French toast... Omg) 
They took over the role of greeter :-)

Then we headed to Spencer's for some coffee and then to the library to let the kids run wild! 

I always forget about taking Griffin to the library! It just doesn't come to mind. And I didn't know they had a whole room for kids to play in. We had a blast. Yay for fun friends on rainy mornings! 

Strawberry Pickin

After our fun filled morning yesterday, Griffin and I headed down to Gallatin to catch up with two of my very best friends, Karen and Kristen. It was a rare moment where all three of us were actually in the same 100 mile radius so I just had to go down and hang out! 

We hung out at Karens parents house, who just happen to own a strawberry patch. So we picked strawberries for awhile. It was Griffins first time picking and he loved it. He mainly enjoyed eating them though. Haha. He was a total mess!  He had red juice all over him. 
What a fun and great afternoon it was!