Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chalk It Up Winner!

I wish so badly I could give this prize to each of you. I wish even more badly that I could give this prize to me. Haha! But the winner of the removable chalkboard wall decals is...

drumroll please...

Comment 147- Theresa from My Favorite Deals!

Theresa- you have until tomorrow morning at 8am to respond to my email and claim your prize! Better luck next time to everyone else (including mr.pate who really wanted to win! haha). Thanks so much for entering and sharing your ideas.

And a big thanks to CSNStores for such a fabulous giveaway! By the way, those of you with babies, did I mention how cute their decor for nursery's is?? Check out the clearance area people!

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  1. I just am loving your blog! Thought you oughta know!