Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

2010 in Review

We rang in the New Year with my niece's and Mr.Pate sleeping! Ha! Mr.Pate's birthday came and went. We bought a new couch and I did my first and only blog giveaway. I also read some and we reinstated date night. We also lost Dustin's Assistant, Mrs. Cayton. She was such an amazing lady.

We celebrated 4 years of marriage by buying a fabulous Nikon D3000! WooHoo! I did quite a bit of reading and did the 5 O'Clock Club (remember that!). It was a fruitful month filled with sweet quiet moments each morning with the Lord. My girlfriends came in town and we had a sweet time together, which included lava cakes and Amanda revealing she was preggo again! Yay!

Mr.Pate, Dustin and I ran in a 5K in honor of Mrs. Cayton. It was neat to do it together! We taught at the Creative Ministries Festival. And this month we had a county wide DNOW which Mr.Pate majorly helped put on. It was great! And my friends Derick and Cameron got married (in NYC) and had their reception this month. I also read some!

The weather heated up and we got out a lot! We went to several tennis matches to see some of our youth play. I read several books this month too. And I ran in my 3rd 5K... in the middle of the hot day... which was miserable. Jilli had her bday party!

Mr.Pate's Grandma passed away at the beginning of the month. She was such a fun woman and is missed much. On that same weekend, Nashville had a huge flood which ruined many houses including my bestfriend Duke's. WKU graduation came and went, and my summer hours of getting off at 4pm began! Woo Hoo! We also had friends over several times and started Youth Small groups back up!

Youth Camp! What a great (and tiring) week of investment for them! I love seeing them get away from distractions and grow! Sheldon graduated High School! Wow- how time flies. This is also when my blogging drought began...

We celebrated the 4th in Louisville but took my niece's too- so fun! Also this month we had VBS and our Youth Leadership Planning retreat. Great times!! And we went to Holiday World, had a Waterpark afternoon and a movie in our backyard with the youth. We had great times with them this month.  I got to have a great night out on the lake with my girlfriends too, and it was wonderful! I also went down to TN for Mandy & Michael's shower, super good time. Joey ate half a rabbit. I got to see Karen and Heath. Mr.Pate's title changed at church. And I got my iPhone (thank you Todd)!! Love that thing! Good month!

Sheldon came to visit for a week or so before heading to college! Ahh! I went to the Justin Bieber concert with Misty and the girls! Ha! It actually kinda made me a fan, not going to lie. But oh the screaming!!! My friend Kathy became a nun... yep. So I got some girl time down in Nashville because we all went to see the ceremony. Crazy. I went to a Beth Moore conference with ladies from my church, it was great. And we moved Sheldon into EKU for his Freshmen year of college!!! I am so excited for what lies ahead for him! Yay! And WKU started back up so work got nuts!

Work was crazy crazy busy all month, so none of us could really keep up! I began a Photography class at WKU. Mandy and Michael's wedding was over Labor Day weekend, and was so pretty! Got to see Kristen! And we had Word on the Water, a retreat with our Youth. It is fabulous! Mr.Pate and I spoke at the BCM's 180 Worship service also.

To be honest, I cant remember much about this month- and since I didnt blog I have no memories to fall back on! Ugh! This is why I blog people! But I know we had Trunk or Treat and we were the Wizard of Oz... and Pumpkin Carving of course...  and I found out I was pregnant at the end of the month! And I think this is the month we went up to visit Amanda and baby Scarlett too!

I think I mainly slept this whole month! Ha! But really, no joke, I slept tons! We told our families we were pregnant and waited till our appointment time came around. We had the Spoken Conference, a county wide youth discipleship event, and it went ok. I also got to see Melanie and Eli and new little Wylie! We spent Thanksgiving in Louisville this year and had the youth over to our house for a Thanksgiving party--- there were some many of them in our little house!

I ended my class! Yay! I also went to Indy with Misty and Jilli, and had some Youth events. We got our first Ultrasound, I started to actually look a little pregnant, and we went public with the news. Also tons of Holiday celebrating.

2010 was a year filled with great memories... here's to 2011 and all the new changes it brings with it!