Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why I Love This Week!

  • Spring semester starts for WKU, which means students will be back! (Which I am both excited about and overwhelmed about haha)
  • My dgroup will be starting back up on Tuesday! Yay for meeting!
  • Thursday night is going to be another date night- oh yeah!
  • Its going to be a girls weekend: Friday night is the reunion of darks, nat and I! And we are definitely cooking some pioneer woman food.. oh yeah! And Saturday some of the best women ever are heading to bg to hang out with me! Yay!! I can't wait!
  • Really I am loving this week because I finally feel like I am back in the groove of things after the holidays, so I can just chill and enjoy time with mr.pate and our furry children.
Are you looking forward to anything this week?


  1. hoping to get a lot accomplished next plans which is kinda nice!

  2. wuhu for dgroup meeting!!! i have missed you and sarah

  3. I'm looking forward to Saturday too! It's going to be soooo much fun!