Thursday, January 7, 2010

Facts, Dilemma, A Question

The Facts:
I am married. I got married almost 4 years ago. I loved my wedding dress. It was vintage looking and it was not puffy and it was me I think. I wore it for maybe 7 hours one day.

The Dilemma:
Wedding dresses are gorgeous and they just keep getting cuter. And almost all of my best friends are already married (or want long sleeves, which is just hard to find kris), so I can't live vicariously through them. And there is new show called "Say Yes to the Dress" where you get to see lots of expensive, beautiful wedding dresses. And there are these things called wedding blogs that my friend Mandy has gotten me hooked on. Now I find myself wishing I had a reason to go try on beautiful dresses and relive the whole experience.

The Question:
Do you think it is too much to ask mr.pate if we can re-do our wedding (on a small 50 people-ish scale) every year? I do alot for the man. I am just sayin...

(Pictures courtesy of greenweddingshoes)

This dress would look awfully sophisticated on little ol me.


  1. well, it might not be the most economical...but it would be quite fun and lovely!

  2. and i also love 'say yes to the dress'

  3. HAHA! See! These blogs are SO addictive! I'm right there with you. There's so many amazing things that I see on these blogs that I think I'd like to have 100 weddings with a 100 different themes/feels.

  4. have you done anything with your dress? i LOVE mine, but i just can't seem to decide what to do with it. do i sell it? is it worth losing that beautiful dress just to make a few hundred dollars (if that much!)? or do i get it preserved so that one day my daughter might want to wear it? But what if i don't have a daughter or if she doesn't want it?

    just curious.

  5. angel- i have done NOTHING with mine! ha! and i love it too! its at my parents house, i really need to get it and i am planning on getting it preserved. i am usually not one to save things, but it just seems like something i want!