Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Easton!

Last weekend we headed to Chaney's Dairy Barn for Easton's 4th Birthday. We had a blast playing on the playground, jumping on the jumping pillow, taking a tractor ride to the farm, and seeing a baby calf. It was such a gorgeous day for a party!

These boys have been friends since they were in the womb! Easton was supposed to be born a week after Griffin, but he came a week early and Griffin came two weeks late! Ha.

Happy birthday buddy!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Nanny Time

At the beginning of May (yes I am that behind on the blog...), the boys and I spent a Saturday down in Gallatin. My dad has worked at a printing company down there for as long as I can remember. That weekend was a big anniversary, so they invited friends and family to come tour the plant. I went on one of these when I was elementary aged, so I was excited to get to go back again!

Before the tour, we went with my dad to get some Nanny time. Griffin adores her, which I am very happy about because she is his last living great grandparent. The boys had a good time.

We got to see Mimi and the girls for just a minute too, so this is the only picture I got!

It was a great quick trip, wish we had more time to do those!

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Happy Birthday Liam & Ireland!

Like a month ago, we got to head out to the farm for Liam & Ireland's birthday party. It was a great day for it, and their farm is gorgeous!

Griffin LOVED seeing the pigs! We are city folk, so this was super cool (and a bit smelly)!

All the kids took a minute to soak Uncle D!

We had a blast, thanks guys!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week in Review {6/14-6/21}

Summer fun continues! We started last week off with a trip to "The Peach Party" at a local restaurant/general store. It was really really hot, really crowded, and not super conducive to hanging out. But my burger was good and Griffin enjoyed his ice cream, so yay for that. Ha!

Sunday afternoon we had an impromptu cookout at a local park for our church. It was such a blast! Poor Mr.Pate was manning the grill and dealing with some horrible smoke though. Lots of our church came out and we had a ton of fun hanging out and talking, letting the kids run around the park, and even playing some bocce ball. Can you figure out who won?! ;-)

That night we decided to put Grady in the big boy bathtub for the first time ever! He loved it, and big bro liked having him too.

This is the look I got this week when I was nursing him while wearing my hair up in a hair turban. Haha.

Grady has been lunging from sitting to the crawl position now. But he hates his belly, and being up on his hands and knees. So he either flips right over, or buries his head in the floor and cries. Haha, we have some work to do.

We also have started putting Grady in the shopping cart lately. How cute are they?!

This weekend we had softball on Friday night, then helped with a block party Saturday. It was raining off and on the entire time we were there, but it still turned out pretty well.
Sunday was Fathers Day and Mr.Pate even wore the tie Griffin had made at school! What an amazing Daddy he is. Seriously.

After church, we headed to TN to a pool party with my family. It took Griffin some warming up, but then he started having a blast. I hope that continues all summer!

Grady seemed to love floating around, as long as he had something to put in his mouth he was good!

Once we got home, Daddy and Griffin had a blast playing for awhile while I finished cleaning the kitchen. Grady had his own party with his toy bin and walker thing.

What a great week. Now on to the next, which has something every night! Ahhh!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dancing Kiddos

YouTube Video

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Dub smash

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Movie quoting boy

Griffin has gotten really into quoting movies. It's pretty cute.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Griffin the Playdoh YouTube Star

Realized I never posted this here!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Grady is 7 Months Old!

Grady is now 7 months old! He is over halfway to a year, and over halfway done being a "baby". Cue mommy tears. 

I weighed him at home and he is a little over 18 lbs right now. Definitely bigger than his big bro was at this stage. I am not sure if he has grown in length this month or not. He is wearing mostly 9 month and 12 month clothes! 

Thankfully, the disruption to sleep at the end of last month was just a growth spurt ๐Ÿ™Œ! He is still doing great in the sleep department, and I am so grateful. He typically goes to sleep around 8:30pm and wakes around 6am. He will occasionally wake for his paci once in the middle of the night and go right back to sleep when I give it to him. I am still swaddling him every night! If it isn't broke, don't fix it right?! I am not sure how much longer it is gonna fit him though ๐Ÿ˜. Naps are pretty sporadic for Grady. He will usually take two longer ones and a shorter one, but times vary a lot. He doesn't seem to be bothered or effected by not being on a set routine, yay! 

This month we started solids. Grady was definitely not a fan at first. After about two or three weeks he finally got better. He has had carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas, apples, peaches, and oatmeal. His favorites so far are oatmeal and apples. We are giving him puffs also to work on hand coordination, and poor thing is struggling! He will get the first one in, then all the others he gets to him mouth but then they stick to his fingers and come back out. Haha. We started water in a sippy cup and so far he is taking two different ones fine. 

He is sitting up all on his own really well now. He suddenly hate to lay on his back. He will try to go from sitting to the crawl position, but he likes to move his arm at last minute and face plant instead. Then he gets mad and rolls to his back. 

He started clapping this month and loves it. He babbles a bunch and mostly says the dada dada sound. 

He got two teeth this month! They have popped through but are tiny. They still hurt though๐Ÿ˜, and he is definitely turning into a bitter when nursing (which griffin did too and ultimately ended our nursing at 11 months bc I couldn't take it). Ugh!! I  still hanging in there for now.