Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Booking It!

I have mentioned before how writing my 2009 book list helped me read more and exceed my reading goals. Well it is a new year, which means it is time for a new book list and new reading goals.

When I made my book list last year, I was unemployed and realized I needed something to challenge me to be intentional with that extra time. I have always loved the idea of reading, but most of the time I would pick the tv or internet over grabbing a book. After getting back in the habit of reading again, I don't think thats my need this year. And I ended up changing my list quite a bit because I just kept changing my mind on what I wanted to read. So many books and so little time!! Ha!

So this year I think I will take FishMama's advice and having broader goals. And I am going to go to her site once a month to check in and hold me accountable to reading in general.

So my goal for 2010 is to average 2 books a month for a total of 24 books (for those of you how are slow at math! ha!).

Here is my working list of the books I really want to read first:
  1. Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper Just finished last night! Review to come.
  2. TrueFaced Almost finished with it. Going through it with our youth small group and I would highly suggest it!
  3. Reread the complete Narnia series (7 total) Got the set for Christmas, thanks sis! Love this series, absolutely love it!
  4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families (SimpleMom book club) Mr.Pate read the first one and loved it, so we are going to read it together.
  5. Getting Things Done By David Allen... I read a review on this system of organization and planning and was intrigued. We will see.
  6. Letters from a Skeptic Gregory & Edward Boyd... My old boss read this and had great things to say about it. I think it will help me in the evangelism department.
  7. Savage Inequalities Jonathan Kozol... Social Inequality was one of my favorite classes in college, and this was one book we referenced but I never got to read. I ran across it super cheap in Fargo last spring break and I am super excited to read it.
  8. Practicing the Presence of God by Brother Lawerence... A classic I have always wanted to read but never followed through with.
  9. John Adams by David McCullough... Seeing the real everyday part of historical figures really interests me, so I am going to try this one. Have you see it? It is huge!
  10. Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham... I think family is hugely important and the major influencer in who we will be, and I think families have no idea how to put their faith at the center of their being instead of it being just one more extracurricular activity. I am excited to see what this one teaches.
  11. sTori Telling by Tori Spelling... I don't know why.
  12. From Clutter to Clarity by Nancy Twigg... Read a great review of this one on Lindsay's blog and was attracted to it. I am all about simple.
  13. Real Sex by Lauren Winner... I heard her speak at IvyJungle a year or two ago, and something about her just made me want to listen to her more and more. Anyhow, I heard her talk on this subject and thought she had great points, so here we go.
  14. Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner... She was Jewish and converted to Christianity, so in this book she explains Jewish traditions and why we should still practice them as Spiritual Disciplines.
  15. Cleaving by Julie Powell... I read Julie & Julia last year and began a love/hate relationship with her. Now I feel like i just have to read this one too.
What are you reading? What do you want to read?


  1. Love your list! and I have sToritelling if you want to borrow it...haven't read it yet though. I'm reading 3 new books in rotation during my quiet times right now: Abba's Child by Brennan Manning, Fear Not Tomorrow, God is Already There by Ruth Graham, and Married but not Engaged by Paul & Sandy Coughlin--I'm loving them all! I'm also starting on My life in France and am super excited!

    Btw...I think we need to hang out again soon, and I would like to have you over sometime and also let you pick through my stacks and stacks of books for things that you want. Also, what time does your church meet? I think I would like to visit soon.

  2. all those books sound great!

    i would love to come over some time! i will be out of town next weekend but I will check in with you after it to work something out!

    and I would love for you to visit our church. we meet at 10:30 on sunday mornings. let me know if you need directions or any other info.

  3. your list sounds great! i've joined the challenge also and plan to read 60 books this year! i'm following you and have added you to my blogroll. best of luck to you.