Saturday, January 9, 2010

when you work in an office...

when you work in an office all day:
  • having your desk organized and neat brings a tear to your eye
  • perusing through the office supply catalog (affectionately known as the big green book around here) is comparable to perusing through a diamond catalog
  • you affectionately name things like office supply catalogs
  • a stapler is no longer just a stapler, but instead you are aware that there are many different types and models of staplers. choosing one takes thought and consideration about your stapling needs, desk decor, etc.
  • become quite territorial over said stapler and many other desk accessories or office tools, getting flat out annoyed when they disappear over and over again (where can a fire engine red stapler hide really?)
  • lose all logical spending habits when ordering office supplies with your work's money. why wouldn't you spend fifteen dollars on a particular kind of post-its? doesn't everyone do this?
  • forget that there is this thing called "the light of day" until you step out of your hole at 4:30 and realize you have practically missed it for the day


  1. ah yes, i have broken the label maker out to mark my stapler of choice--if you take it i'll smack you!

    and the lack of light is part of why i have a vitamin D deficiency! the joys of office life

  2. aww the big green book. we have one of those and I can look at it for hours!

  3. being a teacher is just like this too! except for maybe the sunlight thing. we do get recess and we do have windows. but when our supplies get stolen it is by ten year olds. ten year olds that we can give consequences to. don't you wish you could do that to adults who steal??