Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

We headed to Gammy Becky's for some New Year's Eve Bunko tonight. We had a small group, but had a great time. And Griffin did really well considering he has been sick most of the week and we stayed later than his "bedtime" (of course we are so out of routine right now that it is not even funny). Here are some pictures to remember the night.

Giggle Giggle

Favor Much

People always have their own opinions of who Griffin looks like, me or Mr.Pate. I have never been good at seeing adults in babies, I just think they look like babies! But over Christmas break I looked at a few baby pictures of Mr.Pate and am confirming that Griffin looks like his Daddy! See for yourself:

5 Months Old!

5 Months Old

(Yep 1 am 2 weeks late... so 5 Months & 2 weeks actually)

5 Month Stats: 

  • No checkup this month so I dont know what he weighs or how long he is. But he has definitely gotten longer! 
  • He is in some 3-6 months and 6-9 month clothing. 3-6 is almost to short, and 6-9 month is a little long. I had to start double stuffing our cloth diapers, and I had to go to the next setting on the rise (meaning he is longer). 
  • Still nursing and going strong! We went through a period of "distracted" nursing this month where the boy took forever to eat because he wanted to look at every noise or light. But we switched some things up and are going strong again. 
  • Still spitting up a lot. We started noticing that he was making the spit up sound but not getting anything up more, and making a chewing face often, so we started him on reflux meds right before Christmas. He got a virus right after so we dont know if it has helped him yet. 
  • Schedule: We moved him to a 4 hour schedule right after Christmas to see if it would help him eat better. He had been snacking and not taking full feedings. It worked and so far we are loving the new schedule! Yay! He is basically awake for 2 hrs then naps for 2 hrs now! Crazy awesome!
  • Nighttime Sleep: This month just got worse instead of better. We started putting him in his rock n play to sleep bc he didnt seem to want to be flat on his back. He wakes often. Ugh. Then he got a virus this past week and wouldnt sleep if we werent holding him poor thing. So lets hope it gets better now?
  • Milestones: He now blows raspberries, holds on to you when you hold him, gives hugs and big open mouth kisses!! He also reaches out for some people! ohhhhh i love that feeling when he reaches for me! 
  • He is getting more and more fun! He sits up awesome now, and loves to play. He will go much longer in his exersaucer now and actually plays with all of the toys on it instead of just a few. He is really noticing Joey and reaches for him all the time. He seems to be good with strangers so far, and really turns on the charm with the ladies at Starbucks. 
I cannot believe he will be 6 months in like 2 & 1/2 weeks... I say that every month I know. This really is going way too fast. He is a joy and I so cherish getting to be his Mommy. Love you Griffin! 

Friday, December 30, 2011


My poor baby has ran a fever off and on (mostly on) since Tuesday night. So we went to the doctor today, just to check things out and he has a virus! He seems miserable, especially at night. Ugh, first real sickness... Mommy is not a fan.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Stop Crock Pot

We all know I love my crock pot. So I have been meaning to take all of my crock pot recipe posts and link them in one post for easier finding, but I kept forgetting. So without further ado, my crock pot recipes:

So do any of you have a go to crock pot meal? Or something delicious I just have to try?? Please share! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Tidings Gallatin Style

We always spend Christmas Eve with Mr.Pate's side of the family and Christmas Day with my side of the family. We feel blessed that we are able to work out being with both sides and not missing anything. So Christmas morning we drove down to my parents house around 9am. My dad always cooks us breakfast, yummo! Around noon we head to my Aunt's house for time with my Dad's side of the family. This year we went back to Misty's after that to play games with her and the girls. We played "I've Never" and "Truth or Dare" which are actually "board games" but just like the old school ones. It was a really good time!
 KneKne gave me some fruit... but Mama caught me!
 This boy loves to stand. 
 Chillin with my Peeps. 
 I always catch the best faces from KneKne
 Little miss stylish

 Ash is looking very hip...
 Silly Silly
 Asleep... ha! Slept thru all of our Christmas stuff
 Group Shot
 Amy did great with my little guy

 I cannot believe she is in 7th grade... omg
 Center of attention
 KneKne got a jumper at the consignment store- good call. He had a blast. 
 He completely passed out on KneKne at the end of the day. 
 Just hanging around with Uncle Ashley

What a blessed Holiday we had. So glad we live close enough to spend time with our families. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Tidings Louisville Style

Our first Christmas as a family of 3 is officially over, and I am totally exhausted. It was a great holiday though! Griffin had really rough nights, but surprisingly he was still in an awesome mood all day each day. He was playful and fun and a smiling machine majority of the time.

We went to Louisville first to visit with Mr.Pate's side of the family. We got up there on Friday and just hung around his mom's house for the day. Saturday (Christmas Eve) we headed to Aunt Lisa's for our annual Christmas gathering with Mr.Pate's Dad's side of the family. It is always a good time with lots of noise and laughter and plenty of children running about. We play the "Dirty Santa" game every year there, and that is super fun! This year Kirk's (Griffin's Papaw) gifts got stolen every time he opened them. It was pretty funny.

 Papaw pretty much hogged Griffin the whole day :) Cute Cute Cute
 A shot of the kiddos opening their presents.
 Being cute with Daddy. 
 Cheri got some awesome giggles out of our little guy. 

After Aunt Lisa's, we headed over to Grandma's house for dinner and presents. Mr.Pate's mom (Griff's Grandma) always cook us a yummy meal and sets a gorgeous table. We had a great time this year and Grandma and Papaw took turns fighting over the little guy. And Uncle Ed, Griffin's Great Great Uncle, moved in with Mr.Pate's mom this past year so it was nice to have him down here with us instead of just calling him. He is from New York, so the crazy warm weather is quite a change up for him! Ha! 
 Uncle Ed (Griffin's Great Great Uncle) was here to celebrate this year! 
 Uncle Shelly.... I am trying to make that name stick! 
 Grandma let Griffin open a present... he was more interested in eating the paper! 
 A house divided... We got him a WKU hat, Sheldon got him an EKU sweatshirt... of course we know WKU is better!
 Chillin with Grandma
 Uncle Dustin gettin a little out of control with that bottle... of sparking grape juice! haha! 

 Group shot
 Uncle Ed is funny
Blowing raspberries are my new thing... 

 Eating my toe is sooo fun. Just got into this habit this week too. 
 I stole Mommy's glasses!