Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Cast

Well Monday I went back to work, but the boys and Mr.Pate had snow days again. It was such a crazy day. In the middle of it, we headed to the Orthopedic surgeon for Grady's fracture. We waited FOREVER. Which is miserable in general, but with two kids (and one of them being 1) it was pure torture. Plus it was payroll Monday and I was stressing!

Anyhow, the doctor decided he needed a full leg cast. He said kids his age can't slow down and can easily hurt the fracture more. So they casted it right there in about ten minutes. Big Bro picked the color blue, because it's his favorite.

We let Griffin sign the cast that night.

So far Grady has done great with it. He drags it as he crawls and loves bang it on stuff to hear the loud noise.

He has to keep it on for 4 weeks. We go back next week to make sure it hasn't gotten lose when the swelling goes down.

Oh the adventures with boys!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

A different snowy day in January

Well our next snow day went down a bit differently than the last....

Poor Grady fractured his tibia! He stood up on the edge of the couch and just slipped, so he landed feet first too hard and created a tiny fracture. It was such a normal not very big fall, but his foot just landed the perfect way to fracture the bone.

This happens around 10:30 in the morning, and I was in the kitchen throwing dinner in the crock pot (enter mommy guilt here). I could tell from his cry that he was hurt. He cried for a good 30 minutes or so while we iced it and then he napped on me for awhile. We had trouble figuring out if it was his ankle, foot, or toes. He just kept grabbing at the foot and would not put any weight on it.

After his nap he seemed a little better and even smiled some, but would not put any weight on it. So around 3pm we decided we needed to bite the bullet and take him to the ER. In the snow. Ugh.

Luckily, the fabulous Peaches offered to take Griffin so he didn't have to be bored at the hospital! Thank you guys! He got to go sledding on hospital hill, so he was so pleased.

We chose to go to Greenview because they are known for their fast ER, and I was really pleased. They were not super busy and we got back to a room in like under 10 min. Grady had been pathetic and laying on me all day, and the nurse thought he might be sick too. She gave him some Advil, then we took him to X-Ray. Once we got back from X-Ray he sat up and just started acting like his silly self. The meds must have kicked in! When the nurse came back she was so surprised to see such a difference in only like 10 minutes!

The doctor came in and let us know that Grady did have a tiny fracture in his tibia after all. (So glad we went!) They put him in a temporary cast and we have to call to see an orthopedic specialist this week.
Once he got the cast I think he was not in so much pain and was much more like himself. The only problem now is that poor thing cannot stand on it or walk, and he is adjusting to that... We all are!

So that's our story of the first broken bone and first trip to the ER for one of our kids. It completely figures that it would be our wild red head! Haha!

And a few more pics from yesterday and today, while I am at it...

This one stole almost all the scrambled eggs his brother and I fixed for us... Like all of mine and his brothers as well. #piggie #beforethefall

This is the weeping willow in our backyard this morning...

And two hours later...

Today Griffin and daddy shoveled the driveway for us! Such great men I have! They found this huge piece of ice on one of the tires.

We also registered this one for Tball today. Wow. Time is flying.

And Griffin and I are ending the night watching Mr.Peabody and Sherman. We have watched a movie every night this weekend :-) #movielovers

Back to work tomorrow for me...

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Friday, January 22, 2016

One snowy day in January...

It's January 22 and we had our second WKU snow day of the year! These past few years I have been very surprised with these "big snows" we have been getting (big at least for KY).

We started our day with Mr.Pate making us Olaf waffles and delicious crispy bacon! Awesome!! Then we were serenaded by a pan band...

Griffin actually kept some good beats and made up some fun songs. He loves music and dancing so much.

Then I got started on cleaning out Gradys closet, which I thought would be pretty quick... Famous last words right?!!

It turned into an all day affair that I worked on off and on. Man we have a lot of clothes!! But I got them organized better and hopefully ready to take ones we aren't using to friends. Yay for productivity.

We tried to wait for it to stop snowing before going out, but it just never stopped. So we ventured out after Grady's nap. We got quite a bit of snow, and it was just still really powdery and hard to do much in.

But it was great snow for burying Daddy! And I'm his words, "who needs to beach? I don't like sand anyways!" Haha!

Back inside we had a light saber battle...

And then some major meltdowns before and during dinner.... Yay...

Griffin and I ended the night watching the new Cinderella cuddled up in my bed. "Have courage and be kind"... It was cute and a much needed restful non drama filled end to the day.

I am wondering how long we will be snowed isn't really supposed to warm up at all tomorrow or Sunday so it might be a few days. We shall see...

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First snow day of the year!

We got to enjoy a snow day all home together on Wednesday. The boys stayed in their matching pj's for half the day...

Then we bundled up to play in the snow....

Yep, he was not happy about the mittens. I wasn't going to take him out, but Mr.Pate encouraged me to and I am glad I did.

We also had an awesome time playing the Wii in the afternoon. Lots of Just Dance and Bowling! What a great day :-)

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015: Candlelight Service

This year Redeemer & Jackson Grove did a Candlelight Service together the Sunday night before Christmas. It was a wonderful night.

It started off with the kids doing a play of the first nativity, kid-style. It was super cute and funny! I will post the videos in a separate post.

We had the animals dress up like any animal outfit they had, so we had an owl, lion, some sheep, and a dog. So cute. We let Mary and Joseph dress up, bc wouldn't you be super dressy after having a baby in a stable?! And our "wise men" (women) were a mix of old world look and a "wise" looking teacher look. Love it.

Then Jackson Grove provided some music and we provided some music. It was wonderful.

And we ended the night by standing in a circle around the sanctuary and singing Silent Night by candlelight.

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