Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Joey

Many years ago (almost 6 actually), Mr. Pate and I added to our little family.

Joey has been a huge (both literally and figuratively) part of our world every since. He has been the best dog. Seriously. From taking over our bed, to killing a skunk (oh it stunk forever), to being there when we brought our firstborn home from the hospital, he has been with us through it all.

Sadly, we had to make the hard decision to put him down three weeks ago. He apparently had tumors all over, and they finally got bad enough that he started showing symptoms and deteriorated very quickly. I really hope he wasn't suffering before we noticed a change in behavior,
Poor boy.

So here is to you Joey Pate. Josephus for short. Jo jo. Joe. You were a wonderful dog and we will love you always.

And if you want a fun little throwback, here is my first post about Joey

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kadyn's Bday Party!

I realized I never shared all the fun photos from Kadyns party this year.

Yep, Knekne took one for the team and totally went down the slide!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Grady is 10 Months Old!

This one turned 10 months old just a week or two ago! Goodness time is flying.

• I put him on our home scale and got 22lbs the other day!

• This month his two front teeth finally broke through! They have been bubbled up and giving him such a hard time for over a month now, so it's nice to finally get some relief. They are big and really spread apart (just like Griffins were). It's pretty cute.

• Grady started cruising around on furniture and walking behind his walker or when you hold his hands. Way to go buddy!

• He loves food. Especially any type of grain/carb. He goes crazy for biscuits, rolls, bread of any type, rice and oatmeal. This month we introduced chicken, pork and ground beef successfully. He liked them all but definitely prefers carbs :-) haha! I am pretty sure we have introduced most solid foods that are easy to put into small bites and not too hard except honey and peanut butter.

• He became a belly sleeper this month. I also transitioned him from the Velcro swaddled to the zippadee doo blanket thing. I have tried nothing a few nights but he just wakes up several times without it. I am gonna keep working on it. Overall he is still a great sleeper though, praise the Lord! He generally takes two naps at daycare and a short nap on the way home in the van.

• Grady is now signing "more", "dog", and kind of "all done". He says "ba" for ball now too.

• This month we put Grady in the power wheels with his brother, and he is a huge fan! It's so cute. He also got to ride a few rides at Beech Bend too!

• Grady finally starting waving and saying "hi" this month. He will do this every time he sees himself in a mirror or reflection especially- haha! It's precious really.

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