Friday, January 15, 2010

Treasuring God in Our Traditions... My take on it

I had originally hoped to finish this book before Christmas, but you know that just didnt happen. This book doesn't just talk about Christmas, but all traditions period. I sooo enjoyed it. Here are my thoughts:

Things I Liked About the Book:
  • She gives real examples! If you have read any of my other book reviews, then you should know that I need real tangible examples an most books don't deliver. But she did!
  • Very well organized and it flowed really well. One chapter built into the next easily.
  • I expected to feel like she was "super holy mom" and I would never live up- I mean she is John Piper's wife. (Have you ever read a John Piper book? Intense!) But I actually felt like she did a great job of just being a real mom who is trying to be intentional. I mean, she is still pretty intense and amazing, but not intimidating.
  • I loved reading about what having traditions actually teaches your children. Its a form of discipleship. I had never thought about how a tradition could reflect and teach about God's character- His faithfulness or His Joy etc.
  • The chapter on "Everyday and the Ultimate" which talks about our everyday traditions centered on worship and devotion of the Lord. Good stuff people!
  • There is just alot of wisdom, I wish I had the time to type out all of the stuff I highlighted.
  • It is super cute too, with little recipes and letters throughout it.
Things that annoyed me about this book:
  • I honestly just loved it. Usually I am pretty critical, but there wasn't anything that annoyed me.
So basically I think you should read it. And I think I am going to reread it before Christmas this year to get me pumped for the Holidays!


  1. I read this book over Christmas as well... actually, I still have a chapter to read that I keep putting off as I have started another book. I loved it as well! Noel Piper seems to be a very down to earth person, even if her husband is John Piper. I found her blog a few days ago and it's a good read as well. I totally agree with your point about about how our traditions can be used to disciple and turn our thoughts towards God... very challenging to think about!

  2. I still need to finish it, but I love it too! Helpful stuff!