Thursday, January 21, 2010

a preview

So I mentioned last week that we pate's got something new... a couch! And while I am not going to show you pictures yet of the couch in my sweet little home, I am giving you a blurry camera phone pic of the couch in the store.

I promise pictures of our new living room layout is coming, but I am in search of some curtains and just figured I would wait till then. So here is the couch:
It is really big and super comfy. It is nothing like what we kept saying we wanted. But at the end of the day, we found a couch that we didnt want to get up from and a deal to match. So home it came.

Have any of you gotten anything new around the house lately??


  1. That looks super duper comfy! We should all hang out sometime so I can see it in person...I definitely just invited myself over. :)

  2. cheye- invite yourself over anytime! you know i am a hermit and struggle to leave this place, the new couch is making it worse! haha!