Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello Spring! (Weekly Happenings 3/31-4/6)

Hello Spring! Finally, today felt like Spring and it was wonderful!

This week in the Pate life:
-- Sunday was Easter and we had church, time with my family, and watched basketball. See previous post for details.

-- Uncle D had spring break this week, so he cooked for us Monday. Yay! Then we just had our regular family time with him.

-- Griffin had a chiropractor appointment Tuesday and did great. We had been in a fussy stage during adjustments, but this time we were back to normal. Woo hoo.

-- Church Wednesday. And Becky and I went to a meeting on eProcurment... Thrilling... Not!

-- Thursday was a rainy gross mess, so we treated ourselves to Chuy's. worst service ever... But yummy food.

-- Friday Haven and Broady came over to play games. We took advantage of good weather and played bocce ball and putted disc golf in the front yard. It was wonderful. Then we threw the kid in bed (ok maybe we didn't throw him, haha) and played Catan.

-- Saturday was a wonderful family day. I love that Mr.Pate has most Saturdays off now! Such a blessing. He cooked us pancakes this morning (he makes the best pancakes ever, seriously)! Yummy! Then we played outside in the backyard until Griffin fell asleep in the glider. Ha! So the boys took a nap and I did laundry (while watching Downton Abbey). After that we headed to look at vehicles and grocery shop.

-- Tonight we went to Amber & Robs to watch the U of L game. We did this last year too, and man has griffin changed sooo much in a year. I know that's what's supposed to happen, but it happens so fast! Ah!

Random Tid-bits:
** I am finally on the Downton Abbey train. Loving it. But where can I watch season 3 people? I will be ready for it pretty soon (these seasons are short!).
** I actually worked out everyday this week, which hasn't happened in a very long time.
** We have been Facetiming recently and it is a huge hit with Griffin. It's such a cool thing for family who are not here! Blessed!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Yay for the Resurrection! Both today, yesterday and tomorrow! Easter really is something we celebrate and Praise The Lord for everyday, but it's fun to have a specific season to remind us.

We got up and headed to church Sunday. My mom had gotten Griffin a cute little linen outfit a long time ago, so we busted that out. Except for the tie, he wasn't feeling it so much! Haha!

Griffin got to help Daddy do the announcements at church, and I am pretty sure the crowd liked him more ;-)

After church we headed home for lunch. My mom, dad, Nanny Martha, Uncle D, and nieces all came over for an Easter meal. My mom had come early and gotten things ready for us (thanks mom!). It was very yummy. Then we played around the house for awhile. Griffin ended up taking his nap two hours late, yay! Haha!

Mr.Pate watched UofL win in basketball then we headed grocery shopping. Oh and daddy taught griffin to use the electric tape measure. He loves it! Haha! Oh and Griffin experienced earphones for the first time. He thought they were very cool. And we facetimed my sister, ashley and the girls. Super fun!! Love days filled with family time.