Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This year, both Mr.Pate's family and mine (minus our dads who were working) came to us to celebrate. What a blessing to have families who will come to us! Mr.Pate smoked the turkey this year, since the turkey breast he did last year was so good. It turned out great! So yummy and still juicy.

We ate, played, had some dance and sing alongs, and ate some more. I Love our families and I am so glad we can all celebrate together.

YouTube Video

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

An Admissions Reunion!

Today was a rare occasion- my friend Lori was in from Texas for the first time in years! So Jeanice, Cameron and I met her at Becky's for a little admissions office reunion. I can't believe it's been so long!! It was so good to catch up. Here is a picture of us my senior year in college (2005):

(I think this one is maybe 2006 or 2007?)

And then today- after 9 years and lots of life changes (graduations, marriages, kids, home buying etc):

So thankful for friendships that have lasted so long. Becky gave us the sweetest gift today- a set of four coordinating ornaments from Ireland. She gave us the greatest letter with them that explained how they represented our friendship and uniqueness also. So wonderful.

I am feeling very blessed to be so well loved by these ladies. Who would have thought random work friendships from 10 years ago would still remain? How cool is that?

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Learning learning...

Griffin has been at his new school for a week and a half, and so far he loves it. (It has helped a ton that his friend Lilli is in his class!) My favorite part is the learning! They are very organized and focused on learning there, so they are doing a letter and a number every week. They send home a packet each weekend with sheets to reinforce the letter and number at home. I love love love this!! Griffin was already doing well on knowing his letters, but it has improved a ton in the last week and also with knowing the sound it makes. He has become such a big boy!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Brotherly Love... Thus Far :-)

So far into this family-of-four journey, Griffin is adoring his baby brother. He is constantly wanting to hold him, kiss him or just talk to him. It's precious. Let's hope it continues :-)

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First Visits

Wish I had gotten a picture of every visitor with Grady, but here is what I did get :-)

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