Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day Fun 2016

We started our holiday out with a slow morning around the house. The boys and I got out our wooden puzzles and worked on teaching Grady how to do them. He started to do pretty well! Griffin has always loved puzzles, so it was cute seeing him try to teach little bro.

Mr.Pate met some people for disc golf mid-morning, so we decided to go to the park too. Man it was hot today! There was no one on the playground when we got there, but after five minutes I knew why! Everything was so hot.

After some playing, Griffin did a nature scavenger hunt I had found on Pinterest. We put Grady in the stroller and we walked the trail around the park looking for things like birds, rocks, street signs, squirrels etc. Griffin really got in to it and it was so much fun! And so easy too, I just printed a page that had pictures on it and gave him a pen to circle when he found it. Definitely going to do something like that again.

After the hunt, we went home and let Grady nap. We watched Monsters, Inc. and I had forgotten how cute it it! Once Grady was up, we headed to Beech Bend with Uncle D.

It was hot, but such a good time. We did the water park and the boys really had fun. Griffin did a few slides in the kid area, but it was FREEZING cold. Like ice water. Seriously.

Then we did the wave pool and it felt great and was super fun. Both boys enjoyed the waves, it was cute!

After the water, it was on to some rides. Grady was happy to have Uncle D to take him on a few of the kiddo ones, as well as Bubba.

The very last ride of the day...

We headed to Chuy's for dinner then home for Popsicles! What a great family day! Welcome Summer- so glad you are here!!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

iPhone dump from the Fall :-)

This morning I realized I had almost 3,000 pictures on my phone, and over 200 videos... Ahh!!! So I have been working on backing them up and getting them off of here. Here are a few I can't remember ever posting, but I love them.

When did he get so grown up?!

Him too!!

How amazing is this school picture?!!!

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Mouthful of Adventure (Griffin's first dentist visits)

This big kid went to the dentist for the first time this spring (I know, we are probably behind the game!).

And he rocked it out! He did so good keeping his mouth open, and he did better during the X-ray part than I do! Haha.

This office (Barbee Dental) is sooo good with kids. They rock!

Unfortunately he has my bad teeth and had two tiny cavities we had to get filled. So we had to go back, and he did even better for that!

I was worried how he would do with the laughing gas, but he did so great! He was able to watch Disney while he laid there ;-)

Dr.Matt is so good with him!

Got a Popsicle for his reward! Woo hoo!

Second round!

We are now flossing more and using mouthwash, so hopefully these will be the last... Now if only we could kick our candy habit ;-) hahaha!

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

{Ball Season 2016}Griffin's First Game: Braves vs Reds

Braves vs Reds

Last Thursday was our first Baseball game! Griffin had told me on the way home he was nervous that he would mess up, so my momma heart was just so anxious. (We of course told him over and over we wanted him to have fun and try hard and that was all we cared about etc) He did so so good and said he had sooo much fun!! He hit the ball both at bats, and played catcher one inning and 2nd base the other.

(We told Griffin to get ready to run, so he held his arms like this! Haha)

Our team did great batting... But they have no clue what to do in the field ;-) It's pretty cute.

(Mr.Pate literally walked Grady all the way out of the park like this! Haha)

Be still my heart! #daddyandhisson

Go Braves!

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Take me out to the ballgame...

Mr.Pate's life dream has come true, his son has started playing baseball!

We are playing division I, which is coach pitch. They changed the ages on us so last year we weren't old enough for Tball but this year we are the age for d1... I freaked at first! But he is doing great and we have lots of kids on our team in the same boat.

We started our practices in March and they are just so cute! Mr.Pate is coaching and I think he is having the time of his life.

We are the Braves! Our team went to a Hot Rods game recently and got to walk on the field before the game. They were adorable. Yay Ball Season!

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

April in Review

I started April with some girl time with my college besties!

We ate at Wheatless, then hung out on campus and had chair massages! Woo hoo!

We also visited the Kingery Farm ;-)

Mr.Pate and I went to a wedding...

My kids were random and cute...

We (as in Mr.Pate, Uncle D, and the boys bible study) got the trampoline put together!

We went to Louisville to surprise Grandma for her birthday!

Grady's teacher sent me this hilarious look at him sleeping at school! Haha

Bristow had a Spring Festival, and we had a blast at it... Until I locked my keys in my van...

Griffin and I went down to see Jilli in a play at the high school.
We stopped over to see Mimi real fast while we were there :-)

And we had Lots of playing outside after work and school...

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