Sunday, June 17, 2018

Just keep Swimming, just keep swimming

The boys are taking swimming lessons at WKU right now (at my work). We are doing private lessons together so that Grady will be more likely to get in! Haha. 

It’s helping Grady get a little more confident I think, but it has helped Griffin’s confidence a ton! He still hasn’t gotten the hang of swimming above water, but it gave him the confidence to start trying more. 

Once he did that, he and daddy started working on holding his breathe underwater more at Beech Bend. Within that week he could swim underwater! The lazy river helped because the current gave him a boost. Now he wants to swim all the time! He is like a fish!! 

These pics are from Liam’s birthday party not too long ago, which also helped him get comfortable I think. They sure had fun! Haha! 

So this weekend the boys stayed at my parents and swam there, plus went to my Uncle’s and swam there. They said Griffin stayed in the pool all afternoon! We have an official swimmer on our hands people. Woo hoo! 

Happy Summer guys! 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Peachy Summer Night

Tonight, we got to have a looooonnnngggg overdue hangout session with the Peaches! It has been months since our families got to catch up, but I am so glad we finally found the time. 

We headed over for some pizza, and then spent some time in the backyard. Lilli is interested in learning to play softball, so all the boys gave her a lesson and had a ball hitting and running around. 

We moms supported from the sidelines while catching up! Haha! 

Griffin and Lilli also made several videos for his YouTube channel, but be warned- there is soooo much camera moving on here that it made me motion sick! Ugh! Haha! 

It was a fantastic summer night getting to catch up and just play. I ❤️ summer! 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

The 3rd Broken Bone...

Well, this past Fall our crazy redhead broke his THIRD bone! Yep, three broken bones in 3 years😩! He fell off of one of our youth’s backs and tried to catch himself. The day of was rough, but once he 

Pumpkin Carving 2017!

It was the same night as the Bristow Fall Festival again, so Justin didn’t make it unfortunately. But we had a blast and did Darth Vader! 

WKU Homecoming 2017!