Thursday, July 5, 2018

4th of July Louisville Style

We headed up to Louisville Tuesday night for a little 4th of July fun. Grandma’s pool was bath water warm and we ended up swimming for a few hours that night! So much fun with the kiddos. 

Grady even got off the steps and started “swimming” around with his puddle jumper, something he has not wanted to do all summer so far. Yay!! 

Daddy worked with Griffin on learning to dive, which still needs work but is a bit better. Grandma had these glove/fin things and he wore them all night, haha! 

Shelby even got to come over and visit with us. No swimming for her yet because she is still healing after a major hip surgery, but it was great to have her there hanging out with us. 

Wednesday morning we had breakfast with Pappaw and just played for awhile. 

Then we swam and ate a delicious feast for dinner! 
We played a little baseball after dinner while we waited for it to get dark for fireworks. 

Grady actually stayed out and listened to fireworks this year! Hooray! Last year he cried a ton. 

After fireworks we drove back because I had to work this morning bright and early. It was a quick trip but a great one filled with laid back fun!  

I do have to say, going to Louisville on the 4th but not going to Lisa’s just felt so off. I sure do miss her. That might be a whole other post, but especially this holiday that we always celebrate with her at some point. Glad she is with our Savior, but miss her sweet spirit here. ❤️

Sunday, July 1, 2018

More Beech Bend Adventures

Knekne and Peeps decided to be out of the box this week and rent an RV?! Ha! So it came this weekend and they are “camping” at Beech Bend! We played most of the day Saturday at the Park in the water, then the boys stayed the night in the RV while we had a date night kid free! Woo hoo!
The boys loved how small and different the RV is. Tons of fu for them! They got to sleep “on the kitchen table”, which turned into a bed. Haha! They headed back to the park after dinner for some rides before bed. They were in heaven. 

Mimi, Livvi, and a few of her friends came up for some fun on Sunday. It was HOT, but we did rides first anyhow. 

The girls were great sports and even rode the elephants for Grady :-) 

One of Livvi’s friends, Aspen, was terrified of rides but rode anyways. Sure made for some fun pictures! Haha! Sorry Aspen! 

Knekne even rode this spinning ride with Griffin! I was so surprised- she never used to ride anything. Grandparents will do anything for their grandkids, haha. 

The guy actually stopped the ride because he thought they said “pineapple”, which was the safe word to get him to stop. But they didn’t! Haha. 

They swam pretty quickly because it was then time to go. It was a hot but fun day! 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Grandma Time

Grandma came down this week to spend some time with us and go to Beech Bend. It was a great visit! 

We headed to Beech Bend and did water stuff first. It was a really overcast day and the water was pretty chilly actually due to all the rain we have gotten this week. But we still enjoyed it. After water, we headed over to ride rides. 

She is a great Beech Bend pal because she rides everything! Griffin was in heaven. 

Poor things- on this ride you have to turn a wheel in the middle to spin... poor grandma couldn’t turn it by herself so they couldn’t spin. Haha! 

They opened the Crazy Bus again finally!! 

The boys have been wanting to go to the show all summer, and we finally caught one that day. And Griffin ended up getting to go on stage and help with a Magic Trick! He was sooo excited! 

After Beech Bend, we had a Baseball Banquet and then we went home and played before bed. The next day, Grandma and the boys played in the yard, in the house, and got lunch at Chick-fil-a. 
It was a really great visit! It was a great time to play and hangout with nothing to rush to, no holiday to deal with etc. These for no special reason visits are the best :-) 

Happy Summer! 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Week in Review- 6/17-6/23

We have packed all kinds of summer fun into this week! 

Daddy played in a church softball game Tuesday, and Griffin took his money so he could buy junk from the concessions. He figured out the money himself, and bought stuff for his brother too! How did my kid get so big?? 

This ones looking awfully big too. And becoming even more sports obsessed, which I can’t believe is possible! 

We finished up our swim lessons this week also... 

We had a Park night for church. It was a beautiful night and great break! 

We spent some time outside in the yard and played kickball one night and baseball another night! 

Saturday we headed up to visit Jeanice & Adam, and see their new little man. It was a great visit! Adalynn has gotten so big and became quite the fan of Griffin! Haha! 

(This is where we picked up lunch... interesting advertising choice! Haha) 

After we got home, we headed to a Hot Rods game with Uncle D and Michelle! The ZOOperstars were there and were hilarious!! 

We ended up staying until past 10pm, so we are rather tired today! But it was such a great week. We will rest someday! Haha!