Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the winner is...

And the winner of Name that Movie Friday is...

Jenny, with my sister being a close second! Way to go!

The movie was the classic "Dirty Dancing" as so many of you guessed. I am glad we can all bond over the late Patrick Swayze. I love this movie. Who doesn't? When we were younger, my sister and I pretty much memorized every line AND the dance at the end (you know the one where his posse dances down the aisle?)! I just watched it a few weeks ago, but get this, on the TV guide channel! Haha, yes I own the dvd but instead of just thinking of putting it in, when I saw Dirty Dancing on the cable guide I had to watch it. Are you familiar with the tv guide channel? The "tv guide" scrolls over half the screen the whole time, so that means I watched a tiny version of the movie when I could have just put it in... but this just seemed better you know?? I am weird... never claimed otherwise people!

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