Monday, November 30, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11/30-12/6

This week we will be keeping Charlie, an autistic child we love, so life will be crazy with a capital C! But here is the "plan" if you can call it that.

Monday: Salad and Homemade Pizza

Tuesday: Out to eat

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Subway (Mr.Pate is working till 9)

Friday: Who knows? Live on the hot chocolate?? Ha

Saturday: Jambalaya or hanging out with the Johnson's

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why I love this week!

  • I can listen to Christmas music everyday, and my beautiful Christmas tree is up and glowing!
  • I will finally meet with my dgroup girls again (we have had alot of issues meeting!)!
  • I am going to meet with my mentor, after a 7 month hiatus! Yay!
  • The Smiths Grove Christmas parade is Friday, and our church has a float in it and our youth are handing out hot chocolate (it's going to be freezing!). Small town parades are too fun! (the only sad part about this is I will miss one of my bestfriend's bday party !)
  • Christmas shopping! I am trying hard to finish all my shopping by this weekend (think I'll make it?)!
  • Mr.Pate and I are starting a Jesse Tree! I am soooo excited about it!
  • We are going to watch a Christmas movie this weekend!
  • I am going to wrap presents! Woohoo!

And the winner is...

And the winner of name that movie Friday is...

Mr. Pate! Ha, I am not sure if he counts though, since we do watch most movies together?? However, I did not tell him which movie I was doing, he guessed on his own. So I believe that makes my man the winner fair and square.

The Movie is "Hitch". Love it! This movie is just hilarious and its funny enough that guys can like it too (its not just lovey dovey). This particular quote happens when Kevin James' character is dancing and Hitch is telling him he is horrible. It is one of the best scenes in the movie, so if you need some dancing tips you should probably check it out.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Name that Movie Friday!

Welcome to Name that Movie Friday! Don't know what this is? Find out here!

"That's just a little bit of me being me!

No... that's alot of you being something you dont ever need to be again!"

Name that movie!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey in the oven: check. Checked in for the turkey trot: check. Probably going to drop dead during this race: check.

Happy thanksgiving! Hope i make it through this race!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teach them Diligently... My take on it

Well this was the 2nd book that came in on inter-library loan for me. I wasn't able to finish it in time, mainly because it took so long to force myself through "Instructing a Child's Heart"! And I was bummed too, because I definitley liked this book so much better than that one. But nonetheless, here is my take on it:

Things I liked about the book:
  • It was very scripture focused.
  • It was practical, and had plenty of examples.
  • I liked the way it was organized. It had chapters like "using the scriptures for correcting, using the scriptures for training, and using the scriptures for conviction", which made it very easy to follow.
  • I liked his style of writing. I felt like he was a friend just explaining how he uses the Scriptures to parent.
Things that annoyed me about the book:
  • He used the word "milieu" all the time, which apparently means: the physical or social setting in which something occurs or develops. Vague right? It was just hard to understand what he was trying to say when he used it constantly. I think the point was using the Scriptures to define our everyday life, but why not just say that? That's it, the only thing that annoyed me.
I would highly recommend this book. I plan on purchasing it and completing it sometime soon. I think it would be very helpful for parents of pre-schoolers on and people who work with that age group in other settings (like sunday school or daycare). but that's just my take on it.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We have been taken over!

Yep thats right, mr.pate and I have been taken over! But what or who, you ask? These are the culprits:

Our animal children have stolen the couch! Do you see any space for two humans, or even one for that matter? I don't either! See for eleven months (since we got Joey), Zoey has avoided sitting on the couch. Prior to last December, Zoey would spend each evening sitting in between me and mr.pate on the couch, and snuggle in real good. But once a large dog began jumping up there before she could, she refused to come up at all. In the last month, however, they have began sitting next to each other on the couch and the bed! It is amazing.

The negative thing about this improvement? No where for us to sit! I mean who runs this house anyway? jury is still out...

Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, last week I turned 27. And I was going to write this post then, but now is as good a time as any. For some reason I have the desire to make lists lately, not just "To Do" lists, but my top this etc. also. So I am going to be doing a post each week on lists of "27" to satisfy my desire to list things. I apologize now for my personality, but here we are.

Week 1:
27 memories from my life
  1. Getting my Barbie corvette power-wheels when I was 5 (I think) for Christmas. We lived two houses down from my great-grandmother and I drove to our Christmas celebration there. I also gave every cousin that fit in a drive down the street. I was big stuff.
  2. Listening to the soundtrack of "Oliver and Company" on tape using my Walkman over and over again, when I was in Kindergarten.
  3. The "Talkboy" from home alone. Loved that toy!
  4. Spending the night at my cousin Amy's house when we were young. We were obsessed with polly pockets (the original), playing super nintendo, the movie "the Secret Garden", playing candyland, playing with cabbage patch kids and climbing into closets. She lived with her grandmother at the time and she would make us boiled eggs, celery, pancakes and other yummy yummy food (not altogether of course!).
  5. When my cousin Stormy was born, I was totally jealous. His sister SunniPat only wanted to hold him and stare at him and did not want to play with me!
  6. When Stormy was a kid, his sister and I would watch him. If he was being bad or annoying us, we would put him in my pantry (which was small and dark) and make him stay. Yep, someone should have called social services on us I am sure.
  7. The fair! Every August the fair would come, and I loved it every year.
  8. The christmas when I was in middle school and my sister took me shopping with her. I remember listening to "Ironic" by Alanis Moresette over and over again, and "When country wasn't cool" by Barbara Mandrel.
  9. Driving to the airport with Ashley to pick up my sister when I was in middle school. They were still in high school and he told me how much he had felt lost without her for the last 10 days. George Strait's "Carried Away" song was on. I think I knew at that moment he would one day be my brother.
  10. Having my softball team over for a sleepover one night. So much drama! One girl admitted being anorexic and bulimic, it was the first time I had ever known anyone like that.
  11. My birthday party my 5th or 6th grade year. We went to Denim and Diamonds with my parents and then had a sleepover. We got in our hot tub and kept jumping out, jumping on the trampoline while we were soaking wet (it was November) and then jumping back in. We were idiots.
  12. How cool I thought I was in 7th grade on game days when I got to wear my cheerleading uniform to school. Ha, I have seen the pictures and i was a sore sight thats for sure.
  13. Field day or something like that when I was in middle school. We got to sit outside most of the day and hang out. I was wearing my consignment store jeans with the slits in both knees. It totally used to be cool... wait hasnt that one come back in style?
  14. Freshmen year of high school, I found out my two best friends were smoking pot. I quit being friends with them. Willy was like my only friend for a while.
  15. Sophomore year I was best friends with Ginny and Shelly. I remember going to Don Wrights party and my old best friend starting a fight with me (pushed me to the ground) because she thought I liked her lame boyfriend. Ginny stood up for me and hit her or something.
  16. My first real "car" date was with Ben Scott. It was actually a really good date. But he and I were just not meant to be. He is a hippy, and I am too straight edged.
  17. Riding in Stephen's car after we had gone to the swim meet in Nashville where Byron ignored me. We had just broken up and I was sooo depressed. Now I want to look back at the "me" then and slap some sense into her. Ah the melodrama of high school!
  18. Driving to the hospital after the accident with Michael. I am pretty sure my heart was not beating.
  19. Sitting outside the police station, my dad finally told me Michael had actually died. The world literally stood still.
  20. Driving to WKU the week before we started college. Gas was $0.99 at the swifty on Nashville Rd and it was the first time I realized you could see the hill from there.
  21. The first night we stayed in our dorm at WKU, Bemis Hall. Kristen and I both cried ourselves to sleep.
  22. The first time I saw mr.pate, he was yelling at someone on the Intramural field. I was terrified of him. I thought he must be one of those "live for sports" kids who are so annoying. Ha...
  23. The girls night in Schnieder hall sophomore year. Maryem, Duke, Amanda, and Cheye were there (maybe someone else). Finally I was making real friends in college.
  24. Breaking Free bible study by Beth Moore. I would sit at the table outside our dorm room and be consumed with the Word. It was the first time I truly loved it.
  25. The night mr.pate and I talked on IM about going on a date, and I told him he had to ask me in person.
  26. The next three days he made me wait until he finally asked me.
  27. The week before I got a job this year, I had a complete breakdown one day and wept before the Lord. I wanted so badly to believe he would provide but it was getting harder by the minute. One week later, the phone finally rang. Thats how life goes doesn't it?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11/23-11/29

Well, I just realized that I have not even begun to think of a plan for this week... I was catching up in google reader and saw SnoWhite's menu plan and then thought "hum... I knew I forgot something today"! Random. Anyhow, here is a rough estimate I suppose. I am going into the week already feeling a little defeated when it comes to WW. I know its the holidays and I ned to just relax, which is fine if it were just one day, but when it is all said and done I will have "celebrated" thanksgiving 4 times. The average american consumes 3000 calories at one thanksgiving meal. 12000 calories people. I should just starting running now and stop next month! Ha!

Monday: going to Gallatin to celebrate my bday with the fam (I will eat Zero point soup bc I am having thanksgiving dinner at work for lunch! ugh)

Tuesday: Broccoli, Chicken, Potato, Parmesan Skillet

Wednesday: Ravioli

Thursday: Thanksgiving here w/ mr.pate's side of the family. I am making the Turkey, gravy, deviled eggs and mashed potatoes (well mr.pate on the potatoes).

Friday- fasting! haha! leftover? who know??

Saturday- Celebrating Becky's bday, do you see my dilemma people?? why does everything revolve around food??

Go to Org.Junkie for more thought through plans. Peace out homies. Pray for self-control!

Why I love this week!

  • I only have to work 2 days
  • My fam is coming up on Monday for my bday/thanksgiving, since mr.pate is working and we cant go there!
  • Yummy Thanksgiving food (I am both excited and annoyed, I mean total WW sabotage right?)
  • Mr. Pate's mom, g-ma and little bro are coming in town on Thanksgiving day, we are having dinner at our house!
  • I am "running" in the Turkey Trot this year (a 5k that is early on Thanksgiving morning). Yep, becky talked me into it... but I will probably only run for 10 minutes and walk for 50! I am slow people!
  • I get to decorate for Christmas FINALLY!
  • Friday I get to begin listening to Christmas music in our house (mr.pate is basically scrooge and wont allow anything Christmas before turkey day)
  • Sales on Friday- I do think I am going to go shopping on Black Friday again...
  • Saturday is Becky's bday and we will be celebrating!
  • Also new episodes of The Big Bang Theory (by the way, mr.pate got me Season 1 for my bday!) and Biggest Loser, is it pathetic that I get so excited for these?

What are you looking forward to this week?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

an apple a day...

well, I haven't done a very good job with my awesome autumn goals so far. why? well because life just doesn't often let you do what you would just like to do for pleasure. Yes, I believe the saying that "you have time for what you make time for" is true indeed, however there is just something built into us that makes time for the "have to's" instead of the "want to's" I believe. I don't know when this practice begins, because if you have ever meet a child you know that they make time naturally for the "want to's" and only do the "have to's" when forced...

nonetheless, my sweet husband did make sure that I accomplished one of my goals on my birthday- eating a caramel apple with nuts! he brought home little stick things, sugar free caramel dip, and some chopped nuts so we could make our own less point version of a caramel apple. how was it? wonderful! isn't he just the best?

And the winner is...

And the winner of Name that Movie Friday is....


The movie was "13 Going on 30", definitely a fav of mine. I love the eighties references and music that is weaved all through it, and I just love the young attitude of it. I think Jennifer Garner is just gorgeous and seems so "girl next door". Watch it, it will make you want to crank up some eighties music and dance around the house!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Name that Movie Friday!

Welcome to Name that Movie Friday! Don't know what this is? Find out here!

"Do you need some water, maybe some fresh air?
Yes and a fluffy pillow.
Do you want ice in that water?
Ok, (startled and running into a wall) one fluffy pillow coming right up!"

Name that movie!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halftime Report

I am a little over halfway through the Fall Into Reading Challenge, and I thought it was time to step back and see how I was doing. The FIR challenge started on the official day of fall, September 22 , and ends on the last day of fall, December 21. I set the goal to read 9 books in that time. You can see those books and why I chose them here.

So how have I done?

I have completed 5 & 1/2 of them! The 1/2 is one that I could not get done before I had to return it for interlibrary loan, so I wont be finishing it.

Completed reads:

1. Julie & Julia

2. The Duggars: 20 and counting

3. Life Together

4. The Giver

5. Instructing a Child's Heart

6. Teach them diligently (1/2)

Read still waiting to be read:

1. Mere Christianity (just started on it)

2. The Journals of Jim Elliot

3. Babywise

I have really liked the accountability this challenge has given me. Though there is no one here keeping me on track, by committing on paper cyber-paper I have really felt nudged to finish what I started. It also has really helped me stay on track with reading the book I really wanted to read, instead of just starting lots of books that sound good but not finishing. So I have some work to do to finish on time, but I think I can do it!

Have you read anything lately? If not get to it people! If so, what was it? Was it good? Do share please!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Things at church are kinda depressing right now. A leader had to step down because of lifestyle issues, and several families have left for other various reasons. I have just been really heart broken by how the church has no idea how to deal with sin. So people hide it and fall into bigger pits. I am just overwhelming heartbroken by the lack of closeness and truly seeing the church as family today in the American church (well most of them). We dont know how to communicate when we are hurt or upset, so we just dont communicate at all. We run when we sin because we dont want to be found out. We are terrified to let people know the "real" us. We refuse to call out a sister or brother who is sinning, because we don't want to upset them, or worse yet, we don't want them to throw our sin back in our face.

I believe the Lord can change us. I believe He can "fix" these issues in the church today, but only if we are praying for it. Recently I have realized how little I pray for my church family as a whole. I may pray for specific requests they have, but I have not been praying for their everyday lives, their thoughts and motives.

As I mentioned here, our pastor preached a three week series on "Kingdom Prayer" based on Luke 11 recently. A big thing he stressed was praying not only for yourself, but for your church family also. Everything I pray for me should be a relevant need and prayer for my brothers and sisters in Christ. They need relief from temptation, power to live from the Spirit and not our flesh, to share the gospel boldly, etc. So this is a habit I want to develop, that this would be second nature for me.

No real point with this post, just thinking "out loud" (or "out type" I guess?). Pray for my church and me today if you get a chance. We need love and grace and communication skills and a deep deep love for Christ.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

letting go

For those of you who don't know, Mr.Pate and I have had one of those "hurt by the church" experiences. You know, the kind so many people have let keep them from continuing in the faith?

Anyhow, 2 fall seasons ago, mr.pate went into the church he was working at just like any other morning and 20 minutes later he left as a non-employee. We were asked to resign. No we had done nothing wrong, there was no scandal. They simply felt we were not a right fit for where they were headed (which is a very true statement). The asking us to resign thing came as a shock, but wasn't really the hurtful thing in the circumstance. The thing that cut like a knife was that they asked mr.pate to leave that day. Don't come back on Sunday and do not collect $200 dollars, well maybe not the last part.

He had worked there for 2 and 1/2 years. He had poured energy and love into this church. He had worked there when there were 50 people there. Did he get a goodbye party? Did he get a thank-you for all you have done in front of the church? Did he get a chance to see his church family again? No. No. No. We had money thrown at us (which don't get me wrong, the money was a blessing) and were told to say nothing negative about the church or they would take the money back.

Does that sound like a church? Does that sound like how a church should "do business"? No. No.

Fast forward two years to November 2009, the scene is my living room. Here I sit pondering these events that have made up my life. Everytime I hear the word forgiveness I think of this church. I think of the leadership team and the pastor.

See the thing is, for 2 years I have refused to forgive and let go. I say I have, but that is just not true. The anger has subsided. The desire to hurt them has subsided. But the desire to punish them has not.

My pastor has been preaching through Luke. And over the past few weeks he has been preaching on prayer and chapter 11.

"forgive us our sins, for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us." luke 11: 4

How can I accept the Lord's forgiveness for my sin, but not forgive others? Finally, after 2 years, I feel the Lord softening my heart and my memory over this whole ordeal. I once read in a marriage book, "Forgiveness is giving up the right to punish someone".

It is not making sure they understand how they messed up and how much it sucked. It is not reminding them of it over and over again just so they would be sure to remember how bad they messed up and to fix it. And it is not saying you are over something and then questioning their character anytime they come up in conversation.

But forgiveness is saying kind things or nothing at all about the person, instead of mean things. It is letting them succeed without trying to sabotage it. And it is letting yourself begin to think nice thoughts about them again.

I am not there. I am so far from close to there. But I am finally on the road to letting it go. I am on the road to trusting God's plan for my life, which doesn't include that church anymore. I am on the road to living out Joseph's example:

"As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good" Gen 50:20

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why I love this week!

  • I dont know why, but I am excited to go back to work on Monday (weird I know).
  • My dgroup has not met in like three weeks, so hopefully we will meet and no one will be sick!
  • New episodes of The Big Bang Theory and The Biggest Loser!
  • I am starting a new book, Mere Christianity, so I am kinda glad to have a change from parenting books (esp since I am not a parent...).
  • My bday is thursday (which I am using as an excuse to have a s'more in my backyard! Yay!
  • We are building a Christmas float on Saturday with our church for the Smiths Grove Christmas Parade- it's big time guys!
  • Mr.Pate and I are renting The Proposal this week! I have already seen it (and cant wait to see it again) but he has not, so I am pumped to see if he thinks its as funny as I do.
  • We are creating a new pate budget- i know i am a dork for looking forward to this, but I love budgets!
  • I am just feeling really good health wise and am just excited for what the week holds.
The picture and idea is from Heather at Live.Laugh.Love check her out.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11/16-11/22

Well I made it two weeks without going grocery shopping! Other than a few mishaps (lettuce does not freeze in case you are wondering) it went really well. I am going to continue doing this, because I absolutely loved having a whole week that I did not have to go to the store!! We ended up having Charlie, an autistic child we keep sometimes, with us for three days last week so I didnt cook all the meals I had planned.

Breakfasts: Oatmeal (i am learning to like it) & cereal

Lunches: pb & j or mini pizzas, veggies & fruit (me); tuna or oatmeal (mr.pate)

  • Monday: One dish chicken bake
  • Tuesday: Crockpot chicken teriyaki w/ broccoli and brown rice
  • Wednesday: Dinner at Dustin's
  • Thursday: Going out for Sushi (my bday) and having s'mores in the backyard!
  • Friday: Lemon chicken w/green beans and new potatoes (minus the lemon, gotta think of something different and yummy, got any ideas?)
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: Thanksgiving potluck at church (I am taking a jello cranberry dish)
Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki (found this online somewhere)

4 chicken breasts

1 can pineapple chunks

1 cup teriyaki sauce

1. Place everything in the crockpot and cook on high 4 hours or low 8 hours.

As always, head over to Org.Junkie for more plans.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

And the winner is...

And the winner of "Name that movie Friday!" is...


The movie was "Two weeks notice" with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. Love it. It is one I am going to have to buy on DVD because I am old school and have it on VHS, which we all know is practically extinct nowadays. This movie has lots of little funny sayings, mostly from Hugh Grant's character. This scene in the car is one of my favs, even though I dont like bathroom humor.

One a different note, we began the Thanksgiving celebrations today by spending our day with Justin's Dad's side of the family. It was good times! I feel like I should be decorating for Christmas now, since I have had my turkey and all ;)!

Happy Saturday people!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Name that Movie Friday!

Welcome to Name that Movie Friday! Don't know what this is? Find out here!

"No, I dont want to go in your car.
Why not, it's only a volvo?
Then I'll always be known as the girl that went in the front seat of a volvo.
Yes, that would be hard to forget."

Name that movie!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Making that list and checking it twice

Nope, its not a Christmas post. I just felt like singing a Christmas song!

A fact about me: I love lists. I love to make "To-Do" lists. I feel calmer in life when I have a list of the things that I need to be doing. It makes me feel in control (apparently I have control issues… don't worry- the Lord is working on it) of my time and life to a degree.

Another Fact: I love crossing things off of lists more than almost any other activity. It makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Crossing things off makes me feel like I am not a useless waste of space. It warms my heart.

The most ridiculous fact: If I realize that I have just done a task that was not on my list, but was in fact important, I write the task on my "To-Do" list and then cross it off. Yep, after I have already completed the task. There is no need for it to be on the list, because I do not need a reminder to do the task, since it is already accomplished. But for some reason, I need the satisfaction that comes from being able to see a list of the things I did with the time God gave me that day.

Am I the only weirdo that does this?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Instructing a Child’s Heart… My take on it

I bet you thought I gave up reading now that I have a job and all? Nope! I am still going strong slowly but surely. The library just happened to get both of the books I requested on Inter-Library loan at the same time, which meant I was forced to read them stat! (You can not extend Inter-library loans, so you pretty much have to read them fast) The one that was due back first, therefore the one I read first, was "Instructing a Child's heart" by Tedd and Margy Tripp. Tedd Tripp wrote "Shepherding a Child's Heart" also. So here is my take:

Things I liked about the book:

  • The overall premise is that we need to correct a child's heart not simply their behavior. I fully agree with this.
  • The last half of the book is more practical and walks you through what this may look like in everyday life.
  • It focuses a lot on the why of correcting a child… and on how we need to be careful not to correct children just because we don't want to be judged by their behavior. This is a ministry, caring for children, and we need to remember what the goal is.

Things that annoyed me about this book:

  • I am not sure why, but I just don't like their writing style. It just comes across as so drab and dull. It took a lot for me to keep reading.
  • The first several chapters say the same thing over and over and over! I hate when books do that! If you are going to read it, just read chapter 1 and then skip to chapter 4 or something.
  • Still not enough examples of how to do this in everyday life. Since this is not a parenting style you see often, I feel like I need more examples to see how it would really play out.

Overall, I only moderately liked this book. Again, I really like and agree with the teaching they are putting forth, but they just put it forth so boringly! If you are going to be a parent soon, or you are a parent of a young child I would recommend reading it, even though it's boring, just for the teaching value of it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All in my head

Just a funny story from the pate household I must share with you.

So as mr.pate and I where talking about my blog last weekend and how i was feeling criticized etc. I made the comment that maybe the judgement was all in my head. Immediately mr.pate began singing the Nelly and Tim Mcgraw song "All in my head" (I think about it over and over again...).

And he has now enacted a new rule that anytime I talk about my blog, he will have to sing that sound for the length of the conversation. Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone while they are singing? Not the easiest task. Welcome to my life!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 11/8-11/15

Hola blogworld!

Well last week I decided to try out grocery shopping every two weeks instead of every week. My friend melanie does this and suggested I try it. I have just hated shopping on the weekends since I began working again! So far it has worked wonderfully, but I am just not sure if our fresh veggies and fruit are going to last through the week. Time will tell! Ha!

Anyhow, we are still going strong with the WW. I have lost 9 lbs so far, but the Holidays are approaching so we will see. On to the plan:

Breakfast: whole wheat choc. chip waffles, cereal, scrambled eggs

Lunch: pb & j, veggies & fruit, mini pizzas, zero point soup & leftovers

  • Monday: Chicken Fajitas
  • Tuesday: Italian Roast
  • Wednesday: Dinner at Dustin's
  • Thursday: Baked potatoes and soup
  • Friday: Eat out
  • Saturday: Thanksgiving (going to Louisville for the Pate Thanksgiving celebration!)
  • Sunday: Leftovers
Chicken Fajitas
chicken breasts
fajita seasoning mix
whole wheat tortillas
taco toppings (sour cream, cheese, lettace etc)
1. Follow directions on mix packet for chicken.
2. Heat tortillas and then make tacos!

Italian Roast
1 roast
1-2 bottles Fat Free Italian dressing
1. Place roast in crock pot and cover with dressing.
2. Cook on low for 8 hours.
* I use 1 bottle and then use water to cover the roast completely.

Money Saving Mom's Favorite Whole-Wheat Waffles (adapted slightly)

1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
2 Tablespoons sugar
1 Tablespoon baking powder
2 eggs
1 3/4 cup milk (I usually use half milk, half water--unless I have a lot of excess milk to use up!)
1/2 cup oil or melted butter (I usually use half oil, half applesauce. You can use all applesauce, but we don't think they turn out quite as well that way. I've also substituted other pureed fruits and veggies and those work as well. So long as you do half oil/half puree, it doesn't make much difference.)
1 teaspoon vanilla (optional)

1/4 cup choc chips

1. Mix together dry ingredients in one bowl. (except choc cips)

2. Lightly beat together wet ingredients in another.

3. Add egg mixture to dry ingredients and stir just until moistened.

4. Pour batter onto lightly-oiled waffle iron and bake until done. (I add the choc chips here, just a few to each waffle. This helps them not all clump in one spot, because you can spread them.)

5. To freeze, I normally just let them cool and then stick 5-6 in each freezer bag.

6. To thaw, just pull them straight out of the freezer and heat in the microwave, in a toaster oven, or in the oven.

As always, head over to Org. Junkie to get other ideas!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why I love This Week!

  • I am finally getting into a routine with housekeeping stuff, so I dont feel overwhelmed going into the week! (I am trying the one thing a day approach)
  • Another episode of "The Big Bang Theory", "The Biggest Loser" and "The Office" (I cannot believe I have become an office fan, who would have thought? Duke are you proud?)... I love my shows!
  • I get to meet with my dgroup again! We missed last week due to sickness, so I am ready to go!
  • We are going to Whit and Ben's to watch Biggest Loser, which is super exciting b/c we never go and hangout at anyone's house!
  • Youth small group tonight- we are doing an incredible study and I am pumped about their growth!
  • We are going to Louisville this weekend for the Pate Thanksgiving celebration. I love Justin's family, they are just great! I am hoping to get to see the Brainard's while we are there so that would be a double bonus!
  • I am getting a Hot Stone massage on Friday at work! I am told it is an amazing experience, but I will let you know after Friday.
"Why I love this week!" is Heather's over at Live.Laugh.Love idea. Check her out!

And the winner is...

And the winner of Name that Movie Friday is...


The movie was Rookie of the Year! too fun!

halloween... just a few days later!

As promised- pictures from Halloween. Mr.Pate was Billy Ray Cyrus, in the early years, and I was Hannah Montana.
Our church does "Trunk or Treat", which is an event where people decorate their trunks and give out candy from there instead of at their house. It is a neat thing really. We grill up lots and lots (over 800 hundred this year) of hot dogs, make lots of warm soup and setup tables right in the parking lot so families can feel free and safe to sit and eat. It is hard to get the kids all dressed up, take them out door to door and still get dinner on the table. We want to serve our community by just providing a time for them to focus on time with their family without worrying about money or time. These days you never know where is safe for children to go, but by doing this we hope families know there is a safe place for their children to come and be loved.

We decorated the back of our van with Hannah Montana stuff, and had the "Hoedown Throw-down" playing for 2 1/2 hours!! No joke. I heard it in my sleep I am pretty sure! And at one point this little girl came and stood in front of my van and did the dance over and over, for at least 10 minutes.

All in all a great night! God is growing a huge love in me for Smiths Grove. There is such a mix of people there: those that have 'grown up' in church but never experienced the gospel, the rural poor, and the rural rich. They all need the same thing- to experience the Grace of Jesus Christ. We are just praying that small events like these water the seeds that God is growing in these people.

**And I was even a pretty good Weight Watchers girl too!! I had 8 pts worth of candy (translation: 4 Hershey's small bars and some Starbursts).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Myspace part 2

Did you miss Part 1? Read it here, so this post will make some sense to you!

"Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ."Galatians 1:10

This really isn't just a blog issue, it's a life issue for me. I all too often live my life to be seen in a favorable light by people. What I need to focus on in all of my life is doing what the Lord has called me too, living out my priorities of being a loving wife, creator of a peaceful home, investor in young women's spiritual lives, hardworking employee and loving friend.

How does my blog fit into this? Well it helps keep me focused and balanced. How? I typically write about things that fit into these priorities somehow and someway. Therefore, I am going to continue writing what I like and desire to write.

If you think a post is dumb then don't read it. You are not obligated. Every Monday I will post my menu plan. Why? Because it helps me to have my plan typed out and ready. Because I think it is fun. And because it may give some of you how don't have lots of recipes or are sick of what you normally cook some ideas. If this post annoys you or you think it's silly then just skip right over it. No biggie.

Along the same lines, if you really enjoy a certain post topic of mine then come back around the same time next week and you will probably get something similar. I tend to post in a pattern, it helps me stay in a routine and not get too focused on the blog instead of real life.

This is patelife: thoughts and plans that make up my everyday life as I strive to live out my God given priorities by the Lord's grace.

The end.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Myspace part 1

No, I am not writing a post on the annoying and cluttered social networking site myspace, instead I am writing a post on why I blog.

There are lots of types of blogs. There are blogs devoted to parenting, saving money, reading books, getting healthy, spiritual growth, cooking, photography, music , etc., etc., etc. Most large (read lots of followers or readers) blogs usually have a niche, or a topic they focus on. For instance, "Moneysaving mom" focuses on frugal living, or "YoungHouseLove" and "NestingPlace" focus on home décor and remodeling, while "Shredheads" focus on working out and Jillian Michael's The 30 day shred. There are everyday life blogs, but typically you start reading those because they have some issue (like MckMama's youngest who has SVT, or Kelly's Korner who had complications during birth). When you go to these blogs, you are expecting something specific. You want a certain type of info.

I have no niche, on my blog or in real life for that matter. I am not an expert on any one area, and I get bored without diversity. This is probably why I follow such a wide assortment of blogs, not just one or two types. I like the change of pace and thinking. Anyhow, my point is I do not blog because I have a lot to say on anything really. I have no wisdom on my own to share about anything under the sun. If you know me you know this is true, I am kind of a nutcase, always trying to do too much or too little (funny isn't it? I am either running around trying to be superwoman or I am being so lazy I make my cat look like superwoman!).

So why do I blog? I blog because this is my space. This is my online journal, if you will, that serves to get thoughts out of my head and onto some "paper". It is a place where I can share stories or thoughts that I might otherwise share with my best friends, but they all live too far away or our schedules are just polar opposite so it feels like they live too far away. I blog to hold me accountable to doing things I desire to do, kind of like one would do with an accountability partner… only we don't meet face to face.

So I post a lot of different and random things. And lately I have gotten slack from several people who read this thing and actually know me about some of the types of posts I do. It has actually made me self conscious about the whole blog. You may or may not have noticed that I have done zero posts since Saturday (except for Name that movie Friday, which I had already written- I have actually written those out till December! Ha). This is because I was worried about my blog being annoying to people. Really? I am now worrying about what people think of my blog? Does the people pleasing ever end??

Too be continued…

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