Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pa-sticks DC Vacay Day Three

Day Three we headed for Air and Space Museum bright and early (well not really bright, it was raining actually). When we got off the metro Jason got to see some Food Trucks- which is one of the things he really wanted to do while here!

I apparently only snapped one picture in the Air and Space Smithsonian museum. Bummer because there were some neat rockets, a really cool visual of the size of the planets in relation to each other (for instance, I had no idea Jupiter was sooo much bigger than Earth!), and tons of Apollo mission stuff just to name a few.

It rained that day, and it was cold inside so Unc D shared his jackets with the boys... which looked too cute! Haha!

After Air and Space, we walked across National Mall to the Natural History Museum... in the rain...

And saw the Washington Monument on the way...

This one was a hit. We loved the big elephant in the lobby. Then we headed to Ocean Hall and saw a giant whale.

Then we went through the human origins area and weren't too enthralled. Luckily the mammal area was next and the boys were interested again. They had lots of fake animals that looked very realistic and were kind of like being at a zoo :-)

We headed upstairs and went to the Dino area.., where Griffin was chased by a T-rex...

Just kidding :-)

The rest of this museum was a bit of a struggle because we were getting tired and sick of walking. Ha! But we went through the gem area and saw the Hope Diamond and lots and lots of other gems, which was pretty and Griffin liked I think. Grady was good and walked through even though I don't think he really enjoyed it. We also saw a bone area and mummies. Then we visited the store and a kid room with a few activities for kids to explore. Finally we were ready to head home and cook dinner. Grady was exhausted apparently...

After dinner, Griffin and I brought out a surprise we had brought- glow sticks for a dance party!

The while we were getting ready for bed, Grady was jumping on the bed and hit his head on a metal air conditioner. It was the biggest goose egg I have ever seen! He was just fine though.

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