Sunday, June 26, 2016

Fishing Summer Night

Jeanice and Adam invited all of us up to their house this weekend to try our hand at fishing in their pond! Griffin has been wanting to go fishing for over a year, so we were pumped. 

Gammy Becky and I were trying to prepare Griffin that it sometimes takes a while before the fish bite and reminding him to be patient. Wouldn’t you know, he casted out and got a bite in less than 30 seconds?!!!! 

Now in full disclosure, this is their personal pond and they feed these fish at this time every night, so they were primed and ready for us :-) But we were excited for him nonetheless! 

Grady even caught a fish! 

Griffin caught several fish and just loved it! He did great! Grady got bored after a bit and was back to playing ball, haha! 

We had dinner, fished, played in the yard, then ended with a fire. What a great visit!! 

Derick caught a MAD snapping turtle, hahaha! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

We have a graduate...

From preschool that is!! Griffin graduated from his preschool at the beginning of May. We will miss Miss Christy and his other teachers so much!! They have taught him a ton and he has had a blast.

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{Ball Season 2016} The rest of Baseball

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Happy Birthday Liam & Ireland!

We have partied hard at the Kingery's Farm the last two weekends! Last weekend we celebrated Liam with a Rodeo Bash, and yesterday we celebrated Ireland with a water luau! Tons of fun!

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