Thursday, January 21, 2010

straight from the ol noggin

A few random thoughts I decided I needed to share before I plunge into the mile long to do list at work today:
  • I woke up thinking it was Friday. All morning as I thought through my schedule, things at work, things coming up this weekend, etc. I was thinking it was Friday. It is, in fact, Thursday. Which I realized as I was walking to work in the rain. Realizing it is Thursday and not Friday is never a pleasant surprise, especially when one is taking a 5 minute walk in the rain to work.
  • Do any of you ever get in a mood to only here a few songs? I am not talking about the obsession that comes with a new favorite song and wanting the radio to play it all the time, but instead wanting to hear the same 3 or 4 old songs over and over all day long. Yesterday and today this has been me. I have repeated the same 3 songs on my playlist over and over and over: Heart of the Matter by Indie Arie, Moonlight Kiss by Bap Kennedy, and Waiting in Vain by Annie Lennox.
  • Have I mentioned lately how much I love the man I married? I just do. Anyone ever seen Holmes on Homes on HGTV? Its a new show they play all the time. Its not a show I think I would normally watch, but mr.pate seems to really like it which has made me get into too. Its actually quite humorous how we sit and have conversations about these poor people and their wreaked houses etc.
  • We used the PediPaws on joey last night for the first time ever... SUCCESS! But success only happened after the dog completely threw mr.pate off the bed. Yep! He was laying flat on the ground. Our dog is a beast and if he wants to move you that is exactly what he is going to do. Joey received almost an entire bag of pretzels for somewhat sitting still and letting me trim those claws. I recommend the thing. It didnt seem to hurt him in the least, the sound the thing made seemed to hurt worse than anything!
Have a happy rainy Thursday people!

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  1. yikes...waking up and thinking it is the wrong day is never good! I've been in a weird funk all week. blech.

    I love your music--sounds just right for rainy days

    and we have pedipaws too! butch does great with it. she used to scream (seriously--like a child) when we would clip her claws but now she holds her little paw out as if she were getting her nails done at a salon!