Tuesday, February 14, 2017

End of December Shenanigans

Here is what we were up to during our last week off for the holidays...

I got to grab coffee with Todd and the work crew while he was in town! And I wore my "I drink coffee like a Gilmore girl" shirt because it was only fitting! Haha

We played with our new basketball goal!

And played games! Yeti in my spaghetti is a new favorite...

Grady transitioned to a toddler bed- which went way better than I expected! He has fallen off several times, but put himself back in bed quickly. Haha!

Had coffee and sushi with some cute dates one morning haha!

We got to go to Drew's birthday party at Jump Air Zone, and my boys had such a blast!

And there was lots and lots of playing at home!

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New Year's Eve!

This year we spent New Year's Eve at the Bunton's. The past several years we have had someone sick or recovering from surgery, so it was nice to have everyone in good health this year, haha!

We played games, ate lots of yummy food and hung out with some of our favorite people. We ended up with 8 kids 5 & under, and 4 of those were under a year! We like babies in our tribe :-)

We left pretty early, because I didn't want the kids up late and didn't want to be driving late with the crazies out. But it was a great time, and I tried to make Mr.Pate stay up and ring in the new year once we got home... he made it to the ball dropping on Eastern Time. Haha! That's something I guess :-)

Happy New Years!

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Happy Pate Day!

If you know our family well, then you know that Mr.Pate is a twin. But, not only does he share a birthday with his twin, he shares it with his dad AND little brother too!! So it's always a fun time to celebrate because we get to have a good ol time with all the Pate Men! :-)

We had a great time in Louisville. We played some hilarious games, ate some great food, and even played in Papaw's new Total Gym :-), haha!

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