Thursday, January 7, 2010


There are just things in life that make your heart flutter... sometimes these are sappy, romantic things. Sometimes these things are material things. They can be moments, conversations, thoughts or ideas. But regardless of what they are, one thing is for sure, they are moments sent straight from Heaven by our God to give us a glimpse of what eternity with Him will be like.

Here are a few things that make my heart flutter lately:
  • When it is time to feed Joey dinner, you can look at him and say "Do you want to eat?" and immediately he jumps up and runs towards the sunroom where his food bowl is. He turns around several times in the running process to make sure you are following him, and thus ends up turning circles as he runs. It is the mostly joyful thing you have ever seen.
  • I begin my day at work each morning with a time of planning. I take ten minutes to review my to do list from the day before, my inbox of stuff, my calendar etc and see what needs to be done by at work and at home. As I sit and organize my crazy brain, while sipping my coffee, the beautiful day begins to take shape. This is a peace giving exercise and i love it.
  • Zoey has begun sleeping with me again, only she is actually climbing into my bed and curling into my arm. She then begins purring. It is the most wonderful feeling ever. I am going to ignore the thought that keeps coming in my head telling me she is just cold...
  • Mr.Pate has begun turning the tv to hgtv without any asking. During a commercial break, or if he is just looking for something to watch, he turns it there automatically. I know this is because he knows I love it so much and he is choosing to enjoy it with me. He is just the best man I tell you.


  1. I wish Michael would voluntarily watch HGTV, but I am not holding my breath on it.