Monday, January 18, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 1/18-1/24

Hello lovely people. I am sure you are all wondering what I will be eating this week, so I of course will share. Haha.

I think I cooked once last week! Ugh! And the scale will probably show that, because I feel like we ate horribly all week. Oh well, new week and a new opportunity to make better choices. I still have meals in my fridge from my freezer cooking day back at the end of December, so I have definitely decided it was so worth it! It has saved us time, but it has also saved me money. As I make my grocery lists, I am noticing that I dont have that much to buy because most of dinner is already bought. So as long as you cook things with similar ingredients so you can buy them in bulk, freezer cooking really can help.

Anyhow, here is our plan for this week.

  • Monday: Grown-up gourmet grilled cheese with zero point soup (I am thinking swiss and ham or brie and turkey?)
  • Tuesday: Hidden Valley Chicken & noodles (from the freezer)
  • Wednesday: Eat at Dustin's
  • Thursday: Ranch Burgers, green beans and maybe a baked potato for mr.pate
  • Friday: Homemade pizza and movie night!
  • Saturday: Baked potatoes and soup
  • Sunday: Leftovers
Head over to Org.Junkie for more great ideas!

What are you eating this week? Anything easy or yummy, or better yet both?

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  1. It sounds good! I was eating some zero point soup last week. I get sick of the garden veg one. I need to try the Asian. Have you ever made that one?

    My easy meal this week is the crockpot cola sandwiches. It's great w/ either chicken or pork. In case you're not familiar, it's 1 lb of either bscb or pork, add 1cup ketchup and 12 oz diet cola. It gets so tender it's like a pulled pork sandwich! Big hit aoround here.