Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Booking It Check In

Well it's February people, which means there is one month down in my Booking It challenge at Life as Mom. You can see my reading goals for this year here.

So how am I doing?

Pretty good I guess. I completed two books in January, Treasuring God in Our Traditions and TrueFaced. But both of these things happened right at the start of January, so I feel like I havent made much progress since then. I have started two other books, but I just havent spent that much time reading.

Right now I am reading:
  • Real Sex. So far this is a really good book, she has alot of good perspectives. I need to be more diligent about reading this one consistently.

Have you read anything good this year?? Please share!


  1. who wrote real sex? do you own it?

  2. haha, that one prob sounds bad without an explantation. Lauren Winner write it and i do own it. she converted to Christianity late in life so it is her look at learning about chasity and the mistakes the church is making in their teaching about it.

  3. interesting...i just sat through sex ed with my 7th graders...i may pick your brain on the subject.

  4. Hearing good things about 7 Habits...Family. Have you made further progress? What do you think?