Tuesday, February 9, 2010

random thoughts from my couch

it's been snowing here... again. this is a big deal here, you see we normally get snow like once a year. but so far this winter we have gotten snow three times I think. anyhow, tonights snow is quite alot and it really made the roads slick. people were slip sliding all over the place.

mr.pate is working at the ol starbucks right now. i am doubting many people are heading out to get their favorite white cup of warmth, so he is probably bored.

i am on my couch with a large dog that keeps trying to play with a cat that just aint havin it. lots of meow-yelling going on over here. just finished watching biggest loser, which i have just had a hard time getting into this season.

anyhow here is the deal- i am liking this snow. i thought i would hate it and be sick of it, but its pretty. and i have decided if it is going to be cold anyhow, why not be white and pretty too?? i really like how it is bright at night when there is snow. it makes me feel like time is standing still and nothing bad can happen.

that is all... back to hgtv now. do you like snow??


  1. Winter with a purpose - that's how I feel about snow! :) And another reason why I should be ok in Sweden. By the way, I think I might have been the winner of the Name That Movie Friday when the answer was Julie and Julia. I don't know why it posted differently than normal - but whatever. :)

  2. ha mandy you were totally the winner! it said "amanda" and when i clicked on the name it said blogger profile cannot be found, strange! I was like, 'who the heck is this'?? haha!

  3. A God given break from school and stress-that's what I like about the snow. I know it will have to be made up later but this year has been especially stressful! Some of the snow days couldn't have come at a better time. Think God has really been watching out for us!

  4. i normally love snow but i'm kinda tired of it. i still have to work and i have bad tires so i'm one of those slip-sliding people you se. i wish it were confined to weekends when i can really enjoy it!