Friday, February 19, 2010

Name that Movie Friday!

Welcome to Name that Movie Friday! Not sure what that is? Find out here!

"Cover me up front, the FOB is MIA."
"Problem? Your the one with the problem! Do you realize Fran has chosen teal for her bridesmaid dresses? Teal, the color of gang-green. My last bride who chose teal ended up getting her marriage annulled in 12 days. Oh, oh and "I honestly love you"! You might as well commit matrimonial suicide right now! "

Name that Movie!


  1. Yes!!! I knew it the first quote! Wedding Planner!! You did it for me! Love you!

  2. hehe. it just occurred to me how many arguably terrible girlie movies your husband must have to sit through. We could always count on sabrina to like every movie that went straight to dvd. bless mr. pate. :)

  3. Wedding Planner. I LOVE that movie! : )

  4. Ugh, Melanie!!!!! Noone else will ever win now!!! :-)

  5. Too bad I can't log on and play earlier in the day! :( I actually knew this one!