Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love you because…

For those of you who didn't get the memo, today is the pate's 4 year wedding anniversary. 4 years! Crazy crazy! Disclaimer: you will see several posts on the subject today and tomorrow, humor me by pretending to care pretty please.

Dear mr.pate,

I love you because…

    you are an imperfect disciple of Christ

    you are a hard worker and fabulous provider

    you are downright funny

    you are a hottie

    you have red hair and are as feisty as they come

    you are strong- emotional and physically

    you are so intelligent (I only halfway love you because of this actually, sometimes its plain annoying fyi)

    you put up with my strange habits during my sleep

    you desire to serve people

    you are not materialistic

    you are cheap

    you are very practical and logical

    you love to invest in others, particularly young others

    you are fabulous with kids (this is also one of those annoying ones sometimes, I hate that kids like you better than me.. just a confession)

    you love food as much (or more) as I do

    you are neat and not messy

    you are sarcastic (I know this should be a bad trait, but people have you met me?? I love sarcasm)

    you are honest

    you choose to watch hgtv with me

    you treat our animals like human children

    you try to dress well for me, as opposed to how you dressed before "us"

    you actually have good taste and care what our house looks like

    you make me feel safe

Basically I am trying to tell you that I kinda like you and wouldn't mind if you hung around for another 4 years, or maybe even 40.

                                Love ya,


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  1. happy anniversary! sounds like you got a great hubby :)