Monday, February 1, 2010

Getting those ducks in a what?

Remember how I was writing several posts on time management and planning? Remember how I was going to do more posts on that?? I pretty much get a big fail on this one. Dangit.

This would be one of those good examples of how I am not a very good finisher. The night I began writing these posts I was super inspired about it and had it all written in my head. But I could only get a few typed up that night before I just had to get in bed. A few days later I tried to finish it up and realized I had nothing to say about it... why was I writing this again?? Haha, see this is why I have a blog. If I didnt write things as they came into my brain I would lose so many memories or thoughts!

So sorry if there were any of you who actually cared about these posts and wanted them to continue. Congrats to those of you who could care less about those posts, there will be no more torture for you.

But for those of you that do want to work on time management and planning here are a few suggestions to check out:

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  1. we got chinese for dinner last night (not a healthy start to the week btw)and my fortune said "well-arranged time is the surest sign of a well-arranged mind". it made me feel like it's calling me messed up in the head :(