Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wake up in the morning feeling like...

So I didn't get around to giving an update this weekend on how this whole 5 o'clock club thing is going. Did you think I just gave it up? Was I avoiding you?

How is it going? Very well, thanks for asking. Although I feel like there is less chatter going on with my girls who decided to join too, I am still really enjoying this challenge. Last week I got up everyday but one. And today I totally didnt get up, but I am just feeling yucky! Anyhow, here are some things I am realizing:
  • Getting up early is so an issue of the mind, not the body, usually. If I can resolve my mind to get up, I realize my body has gotten plenty of rest.
  • It is so much easier to focus on the Lord when the world is quiet. This means when we wake up during the "early" hours for our society, there just wont be as many distractions. There are not as many cars driving by, not as much light, not anything to watch on tv and distract you, etc. On Saturday I got up early, but not as early as the rest of the week. What I noticed is that it was harder to focus because it was "daytime" in my mind. I could be doing housework.... but in the dark hours of morning I find I am not lured by my dishes.
  • The Lord really does give us the power to do all things through Him. Each night I have been begging the Lord to wake me and not let me miss the special time with Him, literally begging until I drift to sleep. People, though I am a morning person, I am not an easy riser. Duke can attest- I love to hit snooze for an hour. This rising early is only by His grace. And it has been neat to see this.
  • Memorizing Scripture is not as daunting as I have made it in the past.
  • Prayer is an amazingly magical thing that I just cant describe. I mean on the simplest level it is me talking in my head (or out loud). But somehow that same simple act becomes the most amazing soul transforming thing!
So I am loving that I was motivated to start this habit. And I am praying it will just be a habit from now on. Anyone with me? Want to start our own "Something o'clock club" and hold one another accountable in life. I say something o'clock because it is so not about the time of day, but the time spent. Let me know!

So how has your time with the Lord been?


  1. I'm with ya, sister. ;) Amen and amen. I'll gladly join up with the something o clock club...I need it to desperately to give it up.

  2. so glad to hear it's going so well for you! I had a tough week last week due to being really sick and unable to think or concentrate much, but have been pretty consistent (though i'm doing it at night instead of the morning.) I didn't post like I wanted to, but will be doing that either sometime this week. Glad it's still going so well for you!

  3. ill have you know that i have totally been waking up at 6 and spending time with Jesus for 2 whole weeks now....i only screwed up once. Its pretty life changing and Im not as completely frazzled and late as I usually am!!

  4. darks!! i am so impressed and excited about that! its a complete oxymoron isnt it? by the way, why havent we seen each other in like a month?? lets hangout soon. thursday night and friday night justin is working, fyi.

  5. okay! im down for playing on friday night.