Monday, February 1, 2010

Why I Love This Week!

  • I will celebrate being married 4 years this week! Crazy! It's so strange, I kinda feel like its been way longer and at the same time I cant believe it has already been 4 years. Strange.
  • Work will hopefully begin to slow down this week! Things were super busy during the month of January, but now that we have gotten past a couple of things it should slow down. I mean I dont want to be bored, but I dont want to stay late every night either! Ha!
  • My dgroup is going through the bible study No Other Gods, and we will meet about it the first time this week. Does it sound familiar?? Love it.
  • I already know I will get flack for this one, but I am super excited bc I finally found a budget tracking spreadsheet that works for us. So this week I am working on getting all our info plugged in so I can see how we are doing each month. Yes I am actually excited about tracking spending, I know I am weird... whatever.
  • Did I mention I will celebrate being married 4 years on Thursday??
Looking forward to anything this week??


  1. Happy anniversary this week, Pates! :)

  2. Happy 4 years!! That is awesome!

  3. Yay for 4 years!!! Are you going to put the budget tracking sheet?

  4. Elizabeth, I do not understand the question...

  5. happy 4th!!

    and i am a dork too, because i love budgeting and seeing where it all goes. except when it gets depressing to see where it's going : ( but it's still nice to know so you can make changes and fix it!