Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 O'Clock Club

Recently, my friend Cheye posted about a club she was joining called the 5 O'Clock Club. Some of you may read the Girltalk blog and be familiar with this club, but I was not. So the background is that Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters formed a club a while back where they got up at 5 am to spend time with the Lord. Carolyn would call her daughters and be their alarm clock! (I can do this for you if you want me too...) This month they are hosting a 28 Day Challenge on the Girltalk blog, here is a little snippet from them:

In emergency mode. So much to do. No time for the Lord. Desperate. Alone. No doubt every woman—whether you are a mom, a student, or a businesswoman—can identify. We all want to be consistent to sit at Jesus’ feet. And yet it can seem impossible to find a slot in the schedule that we can maintain.

Dramatic action is needed. Enter the 5 O’Clock Club. For many of us, the only cure for our starving souls is to wake up early—or at least earlier than we currently do. It doesn’t have to be 5 O’Clock to join the club, just early enough to secure a regular time to sit at Jesus’ feet.

I have been struggling to really get a morning routine down every since I returned to the working world! This may be just what I need, a little bit of motivation to get up and get focused. Besides, half the time mr.pate is leaving the house at 4:45am! It will be good for me to get a little taste of how hard my man works for me. So I will be posting an update every weekend on how it is (or isnt!) going and some reflections.

If you want to join in "officially" just head over to the girltalk blog to sign up, or you can "unofficially" just leave a comment letting em know you are joining in and I will bug you check up on you throughout the month.

Good Morning!


  1. Glad you're joining in! I welcome you to hold me to it. :)

  2. this sounds like a great idea...i am just not sure that i will succeed...i'll try...but you will have to BUG me!

  3. i saw this on cheyenn's blog too and feel like i need to do it, but i honestly don't feel like i have the energy to get up any earlier than i already do! for right now i think i'm going to have to stick to my nighttime routine, but i may join in on this...pray for me in this area!