Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Workin' 9 to 5

Well, to be technical I work 8 to 4:30, but you have heard plenty about my current job I think, so that is not the point of this post.

I come from a family of hard workers. My mother is pretty much what you call a workhorse. So I feel like I have always worked. We are currently hiring students at work, so it occurred to me the other day that many people do not get their first jobs till they are in college, and some not until after college! By the time I had graduated college had worked 8 jobs! So I decided I would share with you (and remind myself) of all the jobs I have had in my life thus far:

1. Hostess at Applebees: Sophomore/Junior year of high school. I learned alot about food service and how a restaurant runs. This is also when I fell in love with salmon.
2. Choreographer: Throughout high school and the beginning of college. I got paid to make up dance routines for a few smaller high school dance teams. Seriously? That was an awesome job!
3. Sonic Drive-In: Junior year of High School through Freshmen year of college. I made bank with this job! I started at a brand new sonic in gallatin that was really slow. I worked with my dear friend (and middle school ex boyfriend haha) Michael, who is no longer with us. Once I went to college I "stayed on" with Sonic but didnt work again until the summer after Freshmen year. That summer I worked at a Sonic in Hendersonville with Jamie and rolled in the dough, seriously! Loved it. Except one car hop got robbed that summer, right after I left. Crazy.
4. Admissions Office at WKU: Freshmen through Senior year at WKU. I gave campus tours and did office work. This is how I fell in love with WKU. I learned everything about our campus and BG, and I just really took pride in my job. I met Becky, Cameron and our bunko group. This job is one reason I have my job now, networking my friends.
5. Fuge Camps: Summer after Sophmore year of college, and random other weeks of some summers. I worked the "East Coast Traveling Team" and both loved and hated it. We had a really dysfunctional staff and there was alot of fighting. Luckily I was the youngest and just stayed out of it all. The campers were amazing and God really showed me my heart for ministry. I did some random weeks of camp the summer before and after this too.
6. Victoria's Secret: Junior year of college. I got a seasonal job at VS and totally loved it at first. I worked all the time over Christmas break and fell in love with expensive bras. I even stayed on after the season was over, but after a month or two I just couldn't take all the driving back and worth between BG and Rivergate. And I hated how they made you push credit cards on people-- heads up peps, their credit cards have bad rates.
7. Planet Beach Tanning Salon: Summer before Senior year of college. I feel like I lived at this place that summer. It was one of those upscale tanning places they have now, I had to take two major tests about tanning to work there. I really enjoyed it and I had a great tan too.
8. Aid for someone with Cerebral Palsy: Senior year of college. Kris and I met a friend Sophomore year who had CP, and she became his aid Junior year I think. Anyhow, senior year I singed on for every other weekend too. It was great pay. He was a super smart grad student who needed help with basic things that involved motor skills (eating, dressing, running errands etc).
9. The BCM: The 4 years after college. Do I really need to explain this one??
10. Childcare at Living Hope: I took care of kids.
11. Nanny for a family with 4 kids: Summer of 2007. I basically played mom all day to 4 kids. It overall was a great summer, but some days it was draining.
12. "Student Worker" for the IM-Rec Office: Summer of 2008. I worked in the IM-Rec Office (which is the department I work in now) as a student office worker. So I answered phones and organized things. Little did I know God would use this temporary summer job to lead the way to the next phase in our lives.
and lastly...

13. Health & Fitness Lab at WKU: Present. Loving it.

Man, 13 jobs seems like alot. But the strange thing about all this is, I loved every job. I think being a hard worker was just ingrained in me, so it just seemed normal and like part of life from a very young age. Good job Denise and Chris!

Your turn--
Where have you worked? When was your first job? Did I leave one out?


  1. My first job was with the Groups and Tours at Renfro Valley! I greeted tour buses and welcomed them to the Valley. It was awesome...I got to work with old people!

    In college running was my job, and then, of course was my four year stint as an academic advisor before mamahood.

  2. My first job was babysitting and I was 9 years old. After I had been doing it for a while, Mom gave me an ad in the Courier Journal for babysitter training. When I called to sign up, they asked how old I was. When I told them I was 9, they told me I shouldn't be babysitting until I was 13. Oops. I kept it up, loved it, and was nerdy enough to copy the "Babysitter's Club" logo, designate officers, and send out flyers to my neighborhood!

    Anyway, babysitting has always been my favorite, although I've worked other jobs.

    You forgot Impact Louisville, which I think counts. We got paid, and, well, you know we worked our tails off.

    I can't believe you worked at VS! That's hilarious.

  3. other than babysitting and childcare during crusade conferences I have worked part time at living hope doing childcare...and Pediatric Associates! It's crazy that my first "real" job that didn't involve watching kids is the same office where I'm working 9 years later! I've had different positions here over the years, but am now the office manager!