Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear blog,
I won't be able to make our regular weekend meeting, please forgive me. I still want to be best friends and share my whole life with you, its just that this weekend has been a bit busy. You see, Friday night i hungout with my boo and then feel asleep at 7:30 (yes i am lame, are you surprised really?). Then Saturday some amazing ladies came and treated my soul to some much needed girl time. And today, well lets just say i played the wii with mr.pate until our tv decided to go nuts and we suddenly had to make an emergency trip to sams to return it just before the 90 day deadline. You see? I would never miss our weekend hangout where I fill you with too many random posts if it was not an absolute must. Don't worry, ill be back before you know it.

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