Thursday, October 8, 2009

a short health update

It has been awhile since I have updated you guys on my health (thrilling I know). If you are new to my blog and don't know what I am referring to, catch up here.

So the last time I wrote about my health issues, I wasnt really doing too hot. My thyroid levels were all whacked out and my insulin resistance had gotten worse. But I had my labwork done a week or two ago and got great news!
A Bare Bones Explanation of My Thyroid Deal: (Brace yourself, it gets confusing)
Last time my TSH level was at 30 something! The "normal" range is 0.3 to 3.0, and the smaller the number the more-active your thyroid. So I was severly hypothyroid, or had an underactive thyroid. However, this time my TSH is at 6. That's a big improvement! My doctor has decided that because I feel so good or "back to normal" that we are going to count 6 as my normal range and not aim for higher right now (unless I start feeling bad).
So basically, after almost two years for feeling ridiculously tired and exhausted etc., and trying several medicines and doses, I may finally be "set"! Yay!!!
A Bare Bones Explanation of My Insulin Resistance Deal:
In April of this year, I found out I had an issue called insulin resistance (well it has other names too, like the metabolic syndrome and some long science-y name). You can read what this means here. Last time I had my labs drawn, my C-Peptide (one indicator you can use to measure this) level was at 18.8 but this month it is at 10!! Almost cut in half! Yay! The biggest way to deal with Insulin Resistance is to lose weight, however for a Thyroid patient, this is often super hard to do.
But I am now working in a gym. And I am starting weight watchers AGAIN (it annyos me that at one point i lost weight and looked good and then let myself "go" as they say). So hopefully these things will help this issue out alot! I want to stop taking the stupid medicine for it as soon as possible!
Random and wierdly detailed post I know, but there is the update for the few of you that might actually care!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Yay!! I care! I"m so glad that your levels are better. It can be quite weird though to have to adjust to a "new normal" that comes with these lovely chronic diseases.

    And I think I will be with you in the weight loss goals....starting Monday. Me and a co-worker are going to recommit to Spark people which we both lost weight with last year (and then "let ourselves go" again)

    Here's to health and fitness!!

    ...but this week I'm totally binging...ate half a pizza and a baconater f/m Wendys! Yikes!--on separate days though...I'm not a total slob! ;)

  2. that's awesome sabrina! so happy for you. And good luck with WW and excercise! I know its hard but you can do it girl. I'm so jealous you get to work out on your lunch breaks!