Saturday, October 17, 2009

Special Features, where are you?

Tonight mr.pate and I watched 17Again (I thought it was super cute and it even made us laugh out loud a couple of times). Now as I have mentioned before , I really enjoy the "Special Features" part of a DVD. I really look forward to getting to see the deleted scenes or what went on in making the film etc. It makes me feel in-the-know, which if you know me, is something I crave.

But lately there is a problem. The last two times we have watched a DVD, there were NO SPECIAL FEATURES to be found! What is going on? Have they stopped doing this? Why on earth are they punishing me like this? Don't they know I need my special features? Don't they know I crave them? Don't they know it completes the movie for me? Don't they know I have a hard time with the movie ending and somehow the special features comfort me???

... No, they don't know. Because the "they" I am speaking of are very-rich-movie-business-people who have lives. They probably don't even watch the movies when they are done. Too many parties or shopping sprees or whatever people in Hollywood do with their time.

I on the other hand...


  1. LOL...hmmm.....this is something I cannot relate too...because I hate special features lol.

  2. I am also OBSESSED w/special features. I will watch a movie (or TV on DVD) straight through twice in a row just to see it again w/the directors commentary. I never buy a DVD that doesn't come w/features, and often spend extra money for the "special collectors edition" b/c of this. I definitely feel your pain!

    btw...did you see the new Wizard of Oz special collectors edition that has like 16 HOURS of special features??? drool...