Thursday, October 22, 2009

Imagination Station

Did you ever have certain hiding places as a kid? What about special places where you weren't really hiding, but transforming it into whatever your mind came up with?? They are doing all kinds of construction on our building at work, and it got me thinking about places I used to play. It seemed totally normal back then, but these places sound crazy now! Ha! I want to share some of my favorite places to play as a kid:

  • In the bottom corner cabinet in my kitchen (yes I fit just fine!). Our corner cabinet had a half shelf in it, which was the perfect width to serve as a desk when I sat down there. I would pretend it was my office and I was some big time business person.
  • In my armoire or wardrobe cabinet thing. I had this purple cabinet that usually held my tv in it… but I would often take the tv out and lay in it. I would pretend I was a runaway hiding out, or a homeless person in a box, or the orphan annie (I realize I am strange).
  • Under my parents extra large and tall water bed.
  • Me and my cousin Amy would play at the top of her uncle's walk-in closet. We would climb up onto the shelves and sit and play with our cabbage patch babies.
  • The attic. Or any attic. My friend Ashley and I would do all kinds of stuff in the attic, play games or dolls or pretend.
  • The woods. Behind Ashley's house there were some woods and we would make houses out of a group of trees! I even swept the dirt floor like every day!



    Did you guys have any fun "play" places when you were young that sound crazy today??


  1. so funny--i was just thinking about one of my places yesterday! in the house where we grew up my dad had his office in the basement. There was this little gap behind his filing cabinets and desk and i would pretend it was a magical tunnel and crawl from one side to the other. now i can't imagine how i fit in there!

    we also had a linen closet where the bottom shelf was made of two boards that weren't combined. I would get in there and lay on the floor and then push up on the shelf above me and pretend that it was also magical somehow...

  2. My dad built us a 3-story tree house. It was awesome. Otherwise, we played in the storage room a lot, turning it into a haunted house. And under the pool table.

  3. We used to roller skate in the basement! Now when I go into my mom's basement and look around I cannot imagine ever playing down there. Yuck! Obviously I didn't think or fear spiders as much back then. :)

  4. Haha my little brother and I built this entire fort in our woods out back. We called it "the jungle place" and I swept the dirt floors too! We hung up a bicycle rim on one of the trees and played basketball ot there. We rolled logs into our "living room" for a couch and even had a bike trail all through the woods with street names that we made up. The saddest day of my childhood was when my parents sold part of our property, which included the woods, and soon after a bulldozer ripped away all of my precious memories of the jungle place :-( Now there are cows that live there behind an ugly fence. It's just not the same! I can't believe I almost forgot about this...we played there every day for years!

    My brother and I also shared a room for a long time when we were small and we had a bunkbed. I would tie sheets to the upper bed and let them hang down to make a hammock. I don't know how many times I slept in my sheet hammock! Good times.