Monday, October 5, 2009

why i love this week!

{Why I love this Week comes from Heather's blog, check it out here }
  • I start my new job!
  • My dog and cat have laid on the couch next to each other twice- they will be best friends one day I just know it!
  • The house is clean, the hamper is empty!
  • Watching another episode of The Big Bang Theory with my hubby!
  • My friend whitney is coming to watch Biggest Loser with me!
  • Its fall break for my youth, and at the end of the week for WKU (I wont be off, but yay for them)
  • Fabulous cool weather!
  • I get to dress up all week (it has been so long since I wore cute clothes everyday in a week it is pathetic!)
  • I am starting weight watchers again on tuesday (oh me!)
  • I am going to hangout with kristi on thursday (and her cute cute little puppy!)
  • mr.pate and I should complete a cute project we are working on together- pictures to come!
  • meeting with my new dgroup again- they are some fun girls!

Why do you love this week? Tell me please!


  1. Hey Sabrina! Here's why I love this week:

    - Fall break!!
    - Going to Murray this weekend to see my best friend :-)
    - No tests! (well I had one today, but it's over)
    - The weather is perfect!! I love the cool weather, and fall in general!
    - We had our first d-group meeting of the year today (Angela Johnson is leading our group this time!)
    - And I get to Skype with the girls in Malaysia on Thursday...I really miss them!

    I hope you have a good week...sounds like you will, from all of the great things to look forward to! :-)

  2. sounds like a great week!

    I love that it's finally cooling down and really becoming fall!

  3. -Officially Fall Break
    -New Hair cut
    -New pants for work
    -Seeing Seth @ Sr. Night *adopted Brother
    -Sleeping In!!!