Tuesday, October 13, 2009

finding a balance

Ok, so I have been back at work for a week now and I am needing your advice! For me it has always been hard to balance quality time with my man, cooking and cleaning, personal time, ministry time, and work. But at my last job I had the freedom of setting my own schedule and "flexing" as Tommy Johnson called it. I am so much more productive at cleaning in the morning, so I would pick one day and clean in the morning then go in later (I worked several nights then, so it balance out).

But now I have an eight to four-thirty set schedule. And my hubby has a varying work schedule. And I still want to disciple young girls and have "iron sharpen iron". And I want a home that is a comfortable retreat for my family and friends and guests. And I want to eat healthy yummy meals at our table while sharing life together. And I want time for me to just do things that relax me or I enjoy too occasionally. Is this too much to ask?? Ha! The thing I am having the hardest time with is when and how to keep the house clean and comfy.

So I need your advice. How do you balance work and home-keeping? Do you clean a little each day, all at once, at night, or not at all? What's your plan?

I want to find a routine that will allow me to put quality time with my husband first, instead of ruining free time I have with him by freaking out about cleaning a house that is supposed to be for us! Any advice would be much appreciated!


  1. Hi Sabrina!

    I featured your blog on my series, "blog spotlight." I did a wonderful review of it and hope to get some of my readers coming your way. I truly enjoy reading your posts and I thank you for following my blog. Please stop by today and take a look at what I said about you. Thanks again!


  2. I found you through 4 Hats and Frugal. I like your blog!

    As for the house cleaning. I can't help you there. My hubby hasn't been working due to health issues, so he does most of the housecleaning. Yeah for me!

  3. before erik was out of work and we both had crazy schedules, we split everything down the middle. I had to make him lists so he would know what needed to be done. I would do a little bit each night when i got home from work when I was in "winding down" mode. Maybe like 20 to 30 minutes worth tops. Then Saturday mornings I would wake up, grab my coffee and go to town on the nitty gritty stuff, like bathrooms. But I couldn't have done it without Erik's help!

  4. For me, honestly, cleaning goes on the back burner. I try to keep the common areas pretty much straightened up, and do little bits here and there, and I do try to at least unload and reload the dishwasher and clean the kitchen counters every night. floors are generally saved for weekends, I do laundry on Sunday afternoons, and try to make different goals each weekend for something that I want to get accomplished.

    Patrick and I aim for at least one hour of time together each night, and other than that we do our own thing b/c he has to spend so much time editing and filming. I really take advantage of his busy schedule for time w/my friends and fellowship.

    It's really all about prioritizing. You have to figure out what areas of the home and aspects of your life are the most important. Honestly, for me right now it's time w/Patrick and "me" time. I keep everything presentable enough that I can do a quick clean up before someone comes over, but I really try to not stress about it too much!

    As for food, definitely utilize the slow cooker, have a few meals that you can knock out really quickly. One of our favorite things is rotisserie chicken f/m Kroger--I buy one on Sunday afternoons and pick all the meat and skin off of it, then we use the shredded meat throughout the week for sandwiches, quesidillas, wraps, salads, and you can also make stock f/m the carcass for a super yummy chicken stock or soup and it freezes really well!

    As for the ministry aspect of everything...having my home be a haven for my Bible study girls was always important to me, and I quickly realized that even if it was messy, they loved being here! Also, I like to give them a realistic picture of marriage and "grown up" life and that includes the house not always looking perfect--we want to be real and vulnerable--not show an unrealistic image of ourselves that they will feel like they can't live up to!

    Good luck with it all--you will get into a groove soon enough.