Saturday, October 24, 2009

And the winner is...

And the Winner for yesterday's Name that Movie Friday is:

Sarah Katlyn Norris

The movie was The Notebook. Love it! What girl doesn't right? Anyhow, this quote comes from a scene when they are playing in the ocean and she keeps acting like a bird, then asks him if he thinks she could be a bird in another life (or something like that) and then he ends up saying to her "If your a bird, I'm a bird." I love this quote. I think this whole scene was random and funny. I say this to Mr.Pate all the time (just ask him).

The Notebook is not a movie I watch alot (not one of my cleaning ones) b/c that movie just takes alot out of you, ya know? But I decided I should share my three encounters with watching this movie (that I can remember):

1. Went to see this in a small artsy theater in Nashville with Duke the summer before our Senior year. Then we ate and hung out at a KFC or some chicken place like that... random pick after a sappy movie right?

2. My senior year of college one night me, Duke, Comer and Mr.Pate all watched it in our apartment (mine and Duke's). Boys teared up... haha!

3. This summer while I was in mexico with Kris and Karen, this movie played on one of our long bus rides. It was in Spanish though. So I narrated the entire thing to Kristen. Yep the entire thing. And I think I did a dang good job!

There you have it. I really hope next Friday more of you take a stab at guessing the movie! Even if someone else has already gotten it!!! Happy weekend!


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  1. we own this one, but have only watched it once b/c we cry so much! i did not know that line though. :( patrick absolutely sobbed during this movie and it made me love him even more!