Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A follow up and random tidbits

Thought I would share a few updates on things I had blogged about and randomness:

  • Last week I asked your advice on how to find a balance on work, family, ministry and cleaning. Thanks for all your input! I am going to try the "one thing a day" approach and see how it goes. I am finding that I want to squeeze as much fun into the weekends as possible, and that means there just isnt much time for cleaning!
  • All of your input for the article I am writing was great! (if you didn't weigh in it is not too late!) I am working on it and will definitely link it when it is up.
  • I made a Christmas playlist and began listening to Christmas music last week... Yes I realize it is still October! It was cold and rainy and I needed a pick me up. I heart Christmas music so much!
  • You should all watch the Big Bang Theory, it is prob our fav show now. Sheldon is tooo funny of a character!
  • My dad fixed my washer! Yay! Although I never mentioned it on here, I have been battling my washer for almost a year. The lid switch was shot, so it would not advance to the next cycle unless I went and sat on it and jumped up and down. Yes I am serious. Yes it was annoying. My dad is amazing.
Random I know. Heart me anyways???


  1. ohhh gosh. Christmas music!! This is kinda silly but have you ever heard Hanson's Christmas CD, "Snowed In"? Maybe it's just because it's been a part of my life for.. ever? but it is seriously the most fun Christmas cd ever. You should check it out!

  2. i am also ready for Christmas!!! I haven't started listening to the music yet, but I have been very tempted...I also asked patrick if we could put the tree up now. he said no :(

    glad things are going well!

  3. Cracking up thinking of you bouncing on the washer! Too funny!