Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another health post...

well i got my test results back from my endocrinologist today, indicating that i am insulin resistant. (if you missed my post about my current health situation you can find it here) so what does that mean? i have found some cute pictures to explain: 

The first picture is showing what normal insulin usage looks like. The second one is showing what it looks like when you are insulin resistant. Basically, my body isn't using the sugar it produces or consumes correctly, and I will have to take a medicine to improve this. 

This actually wasn't bad news... at least now I have some idea of what's wrong with my body these days. I did decide to go ahead and switch my thyroid medicine to the more natural one, so I will have lots of changes in these next few weeks. Let's all pray it is for the better!

i promise i wont always talk about this boring stupid sickness stuff... thanks for bearing with me! 

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  1. The pictures definitely made it a read worthy post. Just kidding--thanks for the update. Glad you got some results that you can seemingly easily address!