Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday 10/12-10/18

Well last week's crazy schedule really got the best of us, and we ended up eating out or randomness at home all but two nights. So we have some repeats from last week on the menu again. I definitely have to get back into the groove of cooking when I work (as opposed to having all day to get it together), remembering to thaw meat at 7 in the morning is not the easiest thing!
Here's this weeks plan:

Breakfasts: mocha chip muffins, cereal, yogurt & fruit

Lunches: turkey thin sandwiches (we found a cool new bread that i hope we love called sandwich things-anyone had them?), pretzels, grapes, cheese squares, fruit snacks, leftovers on day


Tuesday- Leftovers or Sandwiches (mr.pate is working & i have dgroup)

Wednesday- Dinner at Dustin's

Thursday- Tacos & spanish rice

Friday- Salmon, mashed potatoes and green beans

Saturday- Eat out

Sunday- Dinner for 8 (which has yet to meet! but hopefully this time)

** Disclaimer: I realize you dont need to know every single thing I am having for lunch, but it is helping me get back into the habit of packing & planning lunches to type it all out.

As always, head over to Org.Junkie for more ideas!


  1. Actually, Sabrina, I've been wondering all morning what you will eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thanks for sharing so I won't have to worry so much anymore!

  2. I use the sandwich thins all the time and LOVE them. I actually made a pastrami sandwich with them tonight. yum yum yum

    and I'm also trying to get serious about the weight loss again!