Friday, October 9, 2009

Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Faith in Community... my take on it.

I finally finished Life Together, it only took me like 3 and 1/2 months! And by now you guys should know the drill, but just in case you don't pay much attention to me (imagine that!), here's how this review will go down: I will let you know what I liked about this book, what annoyed me and then let you know if I recommend the book overall. Here we go!

Things I liked about the book:
  • Filled with so much wisdom!
  • Well organized. It was laid out into chapters that took you through the an overview of community, what he calls "the day with others" (or family/group devos), the day alone (your time with the Lord), and ministry.
  • It has totally challenged me to truly live out the verse that tells us to "consider others better than yourselves" (phil 2:3). He brings up such good points about how our biggest problems with community are that we are trying to hard to make everyone we don't "care for" or who get on our nerves more like us or like we think they should be, instead of giving them the freedom to be whoever God wants them to be. Did that make sense?? Hope so!
  • He talks about family devotion times and it is such an inspiring perspective on it.
  • Great great points about prayer and about work (I even wrote a little on it here).
Things that Annoyed me about this book:
  • It was written in the 50s by a German, so it was hard to follow. I had to reread almost every paragraph at least twice to get it.
  • It really seems like he is writing to men, I am not sure if this is true but that is the vibe I felt the whole time.
  • He talks about hymns and worship time during the family devo time- it is the most boring part of the book! It just drug on and on and on.
Overall, I would recommend every Christian read this book, especially the chapters on "the day together" and "ministry". It was well worth working through the harder style (well maybe some of you are smarter than me and wont struggle through it!) and old language. If you are wondering what to read next, check this one out!

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