Friday, October 2, 2009

Jobapalooza: Things I will not miss about being Unemployed!

Welcome to Jobapalooza, where we are celebrating all things work. Why? Because I got a job!

Things I will not miss about being Unemployed:
  • Not getting a paycheck.
  • Looking for jobs. Constantly.
  • Writing cover letters.
  • Filling out applications.
  • Job interviews.
  • Having the answer the question, "Have you found a job yet?"
  • Being at home all day long some days.
  • Cleaning every single day, because you feel like you have to do something of value.
  • Begging the Lord for a job.
  • Checking and rechecking Google Reader for some new posts because I am so bored... really people, even though you have jobs and lives, cant you throw a jobless girl a bone??
  • Wondering when a job will come.
  • My heart racing when the phone rings, wondering if it will be about a job (it rarely was).
  • Feeling like I am not contributing at home, I mean we dont have kids for me to take care of so what should I do all day long?
  • Setting my own schedule, which I have realized results in me eating lunch at 2pm and not getting near enough done!
  • Probably alot more, but it seems like thats enough negativity for one day.

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