Sunday, October 11, 2009

Why I Love this week!

  • I have a week under my belt at work, so it wont be as uneasy and nerve-racking to walk in tomorrow!
  • Students will be back from fall break yay! #1. That means my office wont be absolutely dead! #2. I love students!
  • Mr. Pate is only working one night this week! So I will actually see him without a drive thru headset getting in the way! Ha!
  • I am re-reading a fav book from childhood that is oh so good!
  • I began working out again (after over a year of not really working out) and will get to workout during lunch everyday this week. Great accountability huh?
  • I will be meeting with my dgroup again and one of my youth girls! Yay for not being a hermit anymore.
  • The house is clean, the food is prepped, and the clothes are clean.
Why I love this week is from Heather at Live.Laugh.Love . Check her out (she is getting married this week!)!

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