Wednesday, October 7, 2009

because i just know some of you are wondering...

"how's the job??"

I know those of you who have been walking with me during this journey are wondering how the new job is going and just what i am doing and if I like it so far.... so of course I am going to share with you! I have completed two whole days of work (ha) and still like it! Heres what the last two days have consisted of:
  • learned all about the services my office offers to students, faculty/staff and the community
  • learned how to check people in for these services and do the paperwork.
  • did some laundry, and folded it too. (surprised? we offer massage therapy, so we have sheets and towels to wash and dry... well I have sheets and towels to wash and dry) We have commercial sized washer and dryers at Preston, and they are sweet! I am pretty sure I could do all my laundry for two weeks in one load.
  • went to my first staff meeting
  • had orientation with hr, which means I will get paid and have benefits! yay!
  • got a parking permit... but only after going to the wrong place first(apparently they got a new building and nobody felt like telling me!) and then being told I was not in the system yet as an employee... but luckily the guy had pity on me and sold me one anyhow
  • began to organize my desk a little (i love organizing so much!)
  • answered a few random calls... like a twenty minute convo i had with a student about getting a massage, he was clueless
  • sat around... and around and around and around! they want me to take it slow and not get overwhelmed... but that is not really the way i learn best. so i am really bored right now bc i am not doing my whole job yet. but i guess we will get there someday!
Overall, I am really enjoying the environment and the people! I get to have a longer lunch break if I workout- so that way I dont have to come in early or do it after work! Yay! So, I like it and I am adjusting just fine. Getting up and getting ready has been easier than I thought it would be,of course the fact that it looks like midnight outside is not helping matters! But I am going to have to invest in some "exercise-ish" or sporty or causal clothes... everyone in my office dresses sporty and I really dont have that type of clothes (well my workout clothes are like rough you know?).

Anyone got suggestions on where I can get some cute but cheap sportish attire in bg?? (Think yoga pants and zip up fleece jackets)


  1. TJ MAXX has great deals on sporty clothes

    I'm so glad that the job is going well so far, and I totally understand about just wanting to jump in and learn it all--I'm the same way, I hate being bored at work!

  2. Suggestions for sporty attire--try Old Navy or Target. I've gotten some yoga pants at Old Navy and loved them. That's great that you can be so casual at work and have time to workout. Glad you're first couple of days have gone well!

  3. believe it or not, walmart did have some cute athletic outfits. i also have had luck at old navy. dunham's has some cute stuff too, but a lot of it is kinda pricey. you just have to dig through to find the cheap stuff! and if you show your kroger plus card at dunhams, you get 10% off : )